• Special Talents in the Arts (ST - ARTS)

    ST-ARTS students are selected through a highly competitive screening process. All sixth, seventh & eighth grade students will receive a flyer with information regarding the ST-ARTS program at the beginning of the year.


    ST-ARTS is a three-week program offered at Winthrop University in June for students in grades 6-8 who have special talents in the arts. Attendance is required for all three weeks of the program.


    The program is sponsored jointly by the School of Visual and Performing Arts and the Clover, Fort Mill, Lancaster, Rock Hill and York school districts.


    The three-week summer program provides an intense experience in dance, drama, music and the visual arts for artistically gifted and talented students.


    Students will participate in three Saturday workshops held in February, March and May.


    Students are expected to attend the Saturday workshops in order to participate in the summer program. Students must attend one workshop to participate in June.


    Parents, teachers, and administrators may nominate students to participate in the auditions; however, forms must be completed and signed by the parent. Nomination forms are included in the ST-ARTS flyer previously mentioned.