• What are Lawful Absences?

    • Student illness, where attendance would endanger the students health or the health of others
    • Death or serious illness in immediate family
    • Recognized religious holiday of student's faith
    • Activities approved in advance by the principal

    What are Unlawful Absences?

    • Skipping school without parent permission
    • Missing school without an acceptable reason
    • Family trips/vacation
    • Any absence not covered under lawful absence list

    What are Some of the Consequences of Unlawful Absences?

    • Letters to parents notifying them of the number of days student has been absent
    • Conference with parent to complete an intervention plan
    • Referral to appropriate agencies
    • Home visit by school official
    • Court action
    • Possible failure or loss of credits

    Is It Important to Send a Note when my Child is Absent?

    Absolutely! When a student is absent from school he/she must present a written excuse signed by a parent/guardian. If the excuse is not presented within three days of the students return, and if it doesn’t meet definition of lawful absence, it will be recorded as unlawful.