• The Social Studies Instructional Supervisor supports teachers in grades K-12 to ensure the availability of resources and to help improve students’ abilities to think and create in personally meaningful ways. The instructional supervisor researches instructional strategies and resources for ongoing professional development and teacher growth.

Students as Historians

  • Historians are not passive recipients of knowledge but active learners who actually "do" history. Social studies/history teachers encourage students to become active investigators, detectives, and researchers who will learn how to dig up evidence, determine its value, analyze it, and present their findings in a clear, coherent, and compelling form.


  • Social Studies Academic Standards

    In South Carolina standards are provided for each grade from kindergarten through grade eight, high school required courses, and selected electives.


    The indicator provides specific statements of the content (knowledge and skills) and cognitive processes that the student must demonstrate in order for him or her to meet the particular grade-level or high school core-area academic standard. Indicators provide essential guidance for teaching and assessment.

    Please follow the link to find your the standards per grade level:

    Click here for state standards


Support Documents

  • South Carolina provides a support document for Social Studies in grades K-8, US History, Economics, Government, and World Geography.  The support document is very specific and outlines the essential information for students to know by standard and indicator.  It also outlines the levels at which students are to be assessed. 
    Please select the link to the the support documents:
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