• The role of a Social Studies Innovation Specialist is to provide practical support for teaching and learning through content support and technology innovation. I support innovation coaches, teachers, and staff, through consistent technology integration, development of the district-approved curriculum, and instruction modeling. Join me while I facilitate school and district-based conversations around district and school data, instructional best practices, and integration of ideas to advance personalized and competency-based learning. My focus will be to help increase student achievement, engage students, and empower teachers.

College and Career Ready Standards and Skills

  • South Carolina State Department of Education College and Career Ready Standards Information

    South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards for Social Studies

    South Carolina Historical Thinking Skills as defined by the College and Career Ready Social Studies Standards

    PSCG and Competencies

    Progression of South Carolina Department of Education College and Career Ready Standards

    Social studies in the primary years (K-2) focuses on building community and introducing students to the geography, economics, government, and history of their community and school (Kindergarten), our state (grade one), and our nation (grade two).  In grade three, students begin to closely analyze world geography through lenses that include cultural groups and the relationship between people and the environments in which we live and work. A broader approach to United States and South Carolina history is offered in grades four and five.  Grade six focuses on world history and allows students to look at the human story from ancient civilizations through modern history, grade seven allows students to examine world regional geography, and grade eight takes an in-depth look at South Carolina's unique past.

    At the secondary level, Clover Schools offers a comprehensive social studies curriculum. Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement social studies courses are available at Clover High School which the Ninth Grade Campus offers Advanced Placement for Human Geography. United States History and Constitution has a state-mandated end-of-course test that counts for 20% of the course grade.

    Human Geography, United States History and Constitution, Economics and Personal Finance, United States Government, Psychology, and a variety of elective social studies courses are all available to our high school students, and they are listed in the High School course guide.


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