What Students Say...

  • There is no other way I would want to spend my high school years than being a Choralier.  I feel blessed every day that I walk in that classroom.  Kassidy Duke (Class of 2015)

     As I look back at everything I’ve been involved in throughout my four years at Clover High School, being in Choraliers my senior year really made my senior year the best year.  There are so many Choralier traditions that make the experience even more of a memory such as the games at the retreats, Death Hack, the Halloween Party, Follies, the Spring Trip (An Unforgettable Cruise), tacky Christmas Sweaters, singing randomly in public and at restaurants, and countless more that I’m probably forgetting to mention.  I feel being in Choraliers has shaped me into a much better singer and has improved my musical abilities to even further dimensions.  I am thankful for being in Choraliers and it will always remain as one of the best parts of high school to me.  I thank Mr. Forrest for giving me the chance to be part of everything and I’ll always come back to support the group and see the shows and performances.  Jonathon Bruney (Class of 2014)

    Choraliers is more than just a singing group, we're a family. Through the course of the year we grow to love each other on a personal level and we share the same passion of making music together. Through Choraliers, I have found exactly what I want to study in college. I have been so influenced by Mr. Forrest and Dr. Cornwell that I have taken it upon myself to study music education. I don't think I enjoy doing anything else except sing with my family of 115. Choraliers was without a doubt the central aspect of my high school years.    Courtney Ramsey (Class of 2014)

    Choraliers is a once in a life time experience that I wouldn't trade for the world. The connections I make with my peers and teachers are nothing like the normal clubs and classes. Choraliers is the best kind of hard work and a privilege to be apart of the Choralier family.  Valerie Cullen (Class of 2015)

    Choraliers taught me not only to appreciate music, but life -- and everything it has to offer.  I will never forget what this program has done for me.  I know that when I come back to hear concerts and visit, I'm always welcomed with open arms.  There truly is no greater feeling than that.                       Nathan Rouse (Class of 2008)

    I was a member of the Choraliers for four years.  I loved the hard work and believe it or not, I miss it terribly.  This organization changed my life.  It’s amazing what it taught me.  I will never forget Jay Forrest and the years I spent in his classroom.  I hope other young people’s lives can be changed as mine was.   Ashley Dobbins (Class of 2002) 

    Since I graduated from high school, I have realized two things about the Choraliers.  First, its reputation reaches far beyond Clover.  My college choir directors were ecstatic to learn that I had been in the group -- they knew the type of training I’d received and the hard work and dedication I’d been required to invest.  Second, I’ve discovered that “once a Choralier, always a Choralier.”  Last spring, I left immediately after the conclusion of my concert at college, drove home in time to see the second half of the Choraliers concert – and then stayed home long enough the next day to see the first half of the concert.  No matter where I go, I will always be a Choralier.  Jennifer Thiessen (Class of 2006) 

    I can honestly say that in so many ways Choraliers changed my life. It gave me a better attitude and a way of looking forward to coming to school. When you are in Choraliers, you have over one hundred brothers and sisters there for you. I cherish my memories attached to this group. I know that even fifty years from now that when I tell someone about my high school days, the first thing to come to mind will be our fearless leader, Mr. Forrest, and the Clover High School Choraliers. Brandon Harrell (Class of 2008) 

    Choraliers puts the fun in classical music! And it’s a home away from home. Devon Wise (Class of 2008)

    The Choraliers has made my high school experience 1,000 times more enjoyable than I could ever have hoped for.  It's taught me the value of hard work and pride in a finished product.  The other important thing that I have gotten out of Choraliers are friendships. I can guarantee you that I would not have met many of my friends or built as deep friendships without this organization.  John Thiessen (Class of 2009)

    Choraliers has changed my life.  Plain and simple.  The life-long friendships which I formed through Choraliers would not have likely been built otherwise, and now I will benefit for years from those bonds.  The work ethic and high standards which I have gained through the organization can be applied to any situation. I learned to persevere and stick to tasks.  Sure, there was a lot of work involved, but it was worth it – especially when I listen to our competition CD, and think, “Wow, is that really us?”  If you're considering joining Choraliers, don't think twice about it.  Just do it.  Your life will be immensely better for it. Alex Schneider (Class of 2008)  

    Choraliers has been without a doubt the greatest part of my high school experience. I would hate to say where I would be or what I would be doing without this amazing program. That 100+ teenagers can walk into a room and sound like the Choraliers astounds me. The Choraliers have pointed me in the direction of a music degree. There simply are no words to describe how much I will miss this program and of course Mr. Forrest. All I can say is there's no other program like it. If you're thinking about joining and are willing to invest 110% of yourself, go for it. You will not regret it, I promise. Your life will be changed forever. Jordan Boyd (Class of 2009)