Several weeks ago, my wife and I drove from Greenville to Clover for a performance of “Spamalot “. I expected to see a typical  amateurish high school performance . My expectations were not high.  I went because my wife is a graduate of Clover High, and of Winthrop, with close family ties to her home town. Last week we traveled to Gastonia to attend the Candlelight Classics performance. Mr. Forrest, I am at a loss of words (a shock to my wife) to express how very, very impressed  we are with you, your staff, and the wonderfully accomplished young men and women who comprise the Clover Choraliers!  If we used all the adjectives that come to mind, this letter would be much too“gushy”. Professional, excellent, superb - these three sum it up!  We hope your young people realize and appreciate the great and unique privilege they have been afforded. They have developed a skill that will give them pleasure for the rest of their lives, not for just their school years. They have learned to sing properly, to appreciate fine, enduring music;they have been enriched culturally, they have become poised, confident young people. They have developed character!       Jerry and Candace White  (Greenville, SC)

    Carly was able to experience her first year of high school from a completely different perspective than if she had not been in Choraliers. Being a Choralier gives her a sense of belonging to something bigger...being surrounded by a great group of kids...encouraged to do her best at school and extracurricular activities. The accomplishments and the performances are spectacular and being a part of that has meant the world to Carly! All the late nights of rehearsals and exhaustion could never be replaced or traded for the world!   Michele Adair

    To be a Choralier is more than being just a member of a "class" or a "club" or an "organized group".  The Choraliers are truly a close FAMILY.  This large family consists of the students, the volunteers, the instructors and even the student's families.  Everyone involved, takes part in this amazing experience and all that it has to offer.  The hard work and dedication are rewarded by extraordinary performances, personal growth, and pride.  We are blessed to part of this family!  Suzi Galarde

    Bravo! What great work you’re doing! I know what it takes to polish choral performances to this degree. What you're accomplishing is impressive from head to toe. Most importantly, you're giving those young people an experience most won't get elsewhere and that they'll carry with them for the rest of their lives. Please continue to send recordings to us! Jennifer Foster, Announcer/Producer, 89.9 WDAV(Davidson, NC)

    As always, I'm amazed at how much talent we have at Clover High.  It's my pleasure to be a Choraliers patron, and as a member of the Board of Trustees here in Clover, I am so proud of each one of these students.  My hats off to Jay Forrest for another great show and my admiration to him.  All of you are certainly the crown jewels of Clover.  Jack Grier, Former Clover School District Board of Trustees

    This year's concert was absolutely beautiful. Time stood still as we listened to your wonderful music. My husband and I thank you for sharing this gift of the season with us. Kathy Cantrell, Former Clover School District Board of Trustees

    I loved it, loved it, loved it ... and from the smiles and tears on my guests' faces, I can tell they did too.  Thank you!   Jennifer Douse

    Another Christmas concert by the Clover Choraliers and another “stop the presses performance”! As proud parents of two Choraliers members we can only say, WOW!  Year after year, we continue to be amazed by the vocal magic put forth by Mr. Jay Forrest, his dedicated staff and the students of Clover High School.  While talent plays an important part in their success, it is the hard work and relentless pursuit of excellence that lifts them to their crescendo!  Thank you for everything – and bravo!                                             Grant & Maria Derderian

    We were amazed at the level of excellence when we attended our first Choraliers performance, and we love to see and hear the reactions of our friends when we introduce them to this program. This year’s Christmas Concert was outstanding. Thank you for giving us two evenings of total enjoyment each year and for your work and dedication in preparing for each concert.   Thomas Doyle

     Our grandchildren are so very fortunate to be a part of this exceptional program. This is a perfect example of the influence a gifted, dedicated teacher can have on the lives of students.  Thank you for the joy and thrill we get whenever we hear the Choraliers.  Sunday's concert was a masterpiece and brought tears to my eyes.   Frank and Marie Widenhouse

     My son graduated from the Choraliers in 2006 and my husband and I still consider their concerts to be two of our favorite events each year.  This program is very, very special, and the talent that comes out of it is extraordinary.  Jennifer Self

    For many years our family has enjoyed the outstanding performances of the Clover High School Choraliers. Even before we had a student in the group, we made it a point to attend shows. Jay Forrest has an uncanny ability to bring out the very best in each young person. The students demonstrate remarkable professionalism and are always so proud, justifiably, at the audience response (as are their very proud parents!). We are looking forward to exciting holiday and spring shows this year. Thanks to all the dedicated Clover High School staff, parents, and volunteers for a fantastic program. Susan Flanagan

     Upon moving to Clover, my girls became a part of the Choraliers and their lives were changed forever.  In addition to learning about all types of music,  they developed long-lasting friendships and made memories that will be with them always.  Personally, they enjoyed a sense of accomplishment and increased self-confidence that is not measurable. Becky Lynch

     I had the honor of serving on the Choraliers Board of Directors when my daughter was a member, and I can honestly say that I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.  It was a pleasure just to hang and and listen to this group rehearse.  These kids are absolutely fantastic and the credit goes to the masterful direction of Jay Forrest. He is a genius! I chaperoned retreats and got to hear students work hard for hours on end.  The concerts are unbelievable.  I had some out-of-town guests tell me that didn't realize Clover has such amazing talent.  Well, we do!  Go Choraliers!   Susan Snodgrass

    My daughter has remarked that if it had not been for the Choraliers, her high school experience would not have been complete.  Choraliers have taught both of my children responsibility to friends and to a group.  One word describes this program: awesome!  Donna Bolin

    The Choraliers are a fantastic bunch of kids.  They are disciplined, work very hard, and take pride in what they do.  Those traits spill over into other parts of their lives! Jan Todd

    I thought the Choraliers were great!  I enjoyed all of the program, but most of all I was thrilled to see students that had a focus on what they were doing.  You could tell they loved being a part of the performance and that they’d spent many hours of practice, hard work and dedication to make it happen. It makes me so very proud to know I have a grandson that actually wants to be a part of something that is so meaningful.    You can tell from this program that Clover High School has an interest in helping students grow.  Clover High School should be commended for developing these fine young people.  They are our leaders of tomorrow.  Elizabeth Brymer

    A great big thanks goes to the Choraliers for the wonderful Christmas show. I loved every minute. The Choraliers mean so much to the community and to the students involved.   Neel Cyphers

    I just wanted to say how wonderful the concert was on Saturday!  We really enjoyed it and we can’t want until the spring Choraliers concert.  Karen Whimsey

    I was in attendance at your concert last Sunday and welcome this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful experience.  I'm a transplant to South Carolina from New York City.  I lived in the Big Apple most of my life and was a music major in college, so I've been privileged to hear many choral groups.  The Choraliers rivals the best I've ever heard.  I've been raving about the concert since I left.  I'm so glad that I found Clover High School and look forward to your spring concert.  We hear so much about the arts being excluded from public education.  The arts are obviously alive and very, very well in Clover, SC. Thanks again for a wonderful Christmas show.  It truly was "A Holiday to Remember"!  Susan Healy

    Congratulations on such a wonderful performance this past weekend.  I attended the Saturday night concert and heard the Choraliers for the first time.  What a great experience!  I never knew what I have been missing all these years. I will make it a Christmas tradition to attend the Choraliers concert each year.  Thanks so much for the music.  I wish to let you know that you make your community proud!   Kathy Breedlove

    I recently had the delight of attending the 2007 Choraliers Christmas concert. I was a professional musician for 20 years in The United States Marine Band and performed for many U.S. presidents and with many of the world’s finest conductors which gives me a somewhat unique perspective on Clover’s choral music program – AND THIS PROGRAM IS FANTASTIC ! My hope is that the citizens of Clover truly understand what an extraordinary opportunity they have in this program, both for their children and for themselves. The Clover choral arts program is a lighthouse of shining excellence.  Brett Widenhouse

     I am always amazed at the amount and quality of talent we have in the Clover Choraliers.  I realize it is due largely to Mr. Forrest’s leadership and dedication, along with countless others who work tirelessly to put on these great performances.  Lynn Alexander


    The Choraliers show was fantastic.  We’ve attended many Broadway performances and can truthfully say none exceeded your production.  This is a fantastic group.  Keep the music going! Clyde & Angie Graeber

    I thought the Choraliers Christmas performance was wonderful.  It was very professional. I was impressed that they included Christian music. A co-worker from North Carolina was in our group and she could not believe these were high school students! I tell everyone our auditorium is as good as The Blumenthal (Performing Arts Center). We have much to be very proud of.  May God bless us with many more professional performances from the Choraliers.   Pat Hamblin

    Just wanted to say how much my family and I enjoyed the holiday concert by the Clover High School Choraliers.  Our son is in this great group.  As parents we’ve watched all of the practice, devotion, commitment and fun come together, and it’s truly a great moment. The Town of Clover should be very proud of these young people and their director. While there’s so much negativity going on the world today, it’s a huge positive to watch these young people in action.  Melissa and Minh Nguyen

    I’d like to thank everyone involved with the Choraliers concert. I’ve had the pleasure of working with these young people on many occasions. They are very polite, helpful, friendly, talented, kind, and most of all, caring.  They treat each other with respect and help one another in every way. These students and teachers need to be acknowledged whenever possible.  Shirley LeRoy