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  • All 7th graders for the 2021-2022 school year will be required to provide documentation of a Tdap vaccine given on or after the 7th birthday.   The Tdap vaccine booster is a required immunization by SC state law.  Any student who fails to show documentation will not be allowed to attend school.  If your child has already received this vaccine, please bring this documentation to the school.  If not, I encourage you to schedule an appointment with your child's health care provider.  Most current immunization records maintained by the school do not have this documentation.  Please contact the school nurse with questions or concerns.
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  • If it is necessary for your student to have medication for either the Charleston, Washington DC, or Camp Thunderbird trip, please plan ahead.  We must follow Clover School District Medication Policy while on these trips.  Prescription Medications require a medication form signed by both parent and physician.  Over the Counter Medications require only parent signature.  Your student must be responsible to carry and self-administer over the counter medications, unless a physician signs a medication form for staff to administer these.  Prescription Medications must be maintained and given by school staff.  Exceptions are Insulin for diabetics, Epi-pens, and Asthma inhalers.  District forms will be sent home to parents.  Please contact me with questions or concerns. 
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