Carnegie Learning Math Series:  Course 1

    Classroom Learning Environment


              This text uses a collaborative learning classroom environment.  Students will be able to discuss ideas and predictions to different problem situations, present calculations and solutions to question, and analyze, critique, or support classmates’ answers to problem situations.  They will work individually, with their small group, and also be involved with class discussions.  Your child’s EFFORT in class matters more than ever!  Their learning will come from their involvement with the questions/problems/activities from the text and through the discussions we have in class. 

    Parent & Student Resources Designed for Home Help

    ·         ONLINE Resource Center access to all text resources

    o   This includes PDFs of Student Text, Student Assignments, and Skills Practice

    ·         ONLINE “Home Connection” on our Resource Center

    o   This includes links to general math websites

    ·         Chapter Summaries in print in the Student Text

    o   The Chapter Summary includes a written summary and worked examples from each student text lesson.

    The Skills Practice worksheets provide additional practice on the skills covered in the text lessons. A worked solution is provided for the first problem in each problem set (except for vocabulary sections) and answers for the odd-numbered problems are provided in the back of the book and on the Resource
    Resource Center


    The Carnegie Learning Resource Center provides digital editions of all student and teacher materials for viewing and printing, as well as interactive “See It, Try It” modules. The Resource Center is accessible to parents, students, and teachers.


    Resource Center Website:   http://resources.carnegielearning.com 


    School Name:  Oakridge Middle School


    Student Access Code:  48074-0872

    Getting Started with the Carnegie Learning Resource Center Student Account


    To access the Carnegie Learning Resource Center, you first need to register. Registration is simple and takes only a few minutes, but you will need a valid e-mail address and a Student Access Code (ask you teacher).




    1.     In your web browser, visit :http://resources.carnegielearning.com

    2.     Click the ‘Register’ link in the light blue bar at the upper right of the page.

    3.     Click on the ‘Register as a Student’ link .

    4.     Enter your student access code:

    a.     Note this code is specific to your school.

    5.     Enter the rest of your contact information.

    6.     Click ‘Register’ button.

    7.     You will be sent an activation e-mail. Open this email and click the activation link.

    8.     You are now registered to use the Carnegie Learning Resource Center! Log into the site using your email address and you password.


    Using the Resource Center


    ·        To access Textbook files, click on the ‘Textbooks’ button.

    ·        For help with your Resource Center account or with the textbooks, click on the ‘Support’ button.

    ·        Use the ‘Your Account’ page to change your account preferences.


    Getting Help


    ·       If you require help while registering for or using the Carnegie Learning Resource Center, please contact us at help@carnegielearning.com or call us at 877-401-2527.



    Where and How Can I Learn More?






    Contact your child’s mathematics teacher.


    Contact our Customer Support Department by email at help@carnegielearning.com or by phone at 877-401-2527 between 8am and 9pm