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          Welcome to Music!
    We are looking forward to another great year with our Kinard students and families!  Our year will be filled with fun activities in music and many performances to prepare. 





  • Lenard
    Marianne Lenard
    Music Instructor
    My name is Marianne Lenard and I am the music teacher at Kinard Elementary School. My husband, Danny, is a band director at Clover High School. We have 2 sons, Ross (a college senior at Western Carolina University) and Ryan (a sophomore at Clover High  School). Our family enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, kayaking, fishing and hunting.  I have lived in Clover for 30 years and I have been honored to be the music teacher at Kinard for 29 of those 30 years! 

    The music program at Kinard gives opportunities for all students to shine and become leaders in music! We highlight our students through many programs and performances throughout the year. I look forward to another great year of making music with our Kinard Kids!