• History

    The town officially began around the site of a 5,000-gallon water tankconstructed to serve the steam engines of the Chester and Lenoir Railroad NarrowGauge Railroad. According to a legend, excess water spilling on the groundcaused patches of clover to spring up. Residents affectionately referred to thetown as Clover Patch. The Town was chartered on December 24, 1887. Cloverbecame a booming textile community. Textiles continue to play a part of thecommunity's economy. The town has since grown steadily, reaching a population of5,094 in 2010. Source: cloversc.org

    The Community

    Clover is located in the upper Piedmont of York County, South Carolina in one of the state's fastest growing areas.

    Clovers proximity to large metropolitan areas provides for an ideal combination of qualities that enhances the lives of its citizens. Charlotte, North Carolina and Rock Hill, South Carolina can all be reached in minutes giving Clover the small-town feel many people desire, yet providing easy access to the services and cultural events of larger cities.

    District enrollment has exceeded 6,500 students and is growing at an annual rate of more than 4% a year, making the Clover School District one of the fastest growing districts in the state.

    Today an estimated 25,000 people reside in the Clover School District which includes unincorporated Lake Wylie, Bowling Green, Bethany and Bethel communities.

    The citizens in the Clover School District value community and a strong education system. Through rigorous academics, prominent arts programs, high achieving athletics and superlative special needs programs, the Clover School District meets every need of our students and community.