Orientation                                                                         August 20, 2013


    a. ESOL Certified (Families with English as a 2ndlang)

    b. Reading Endorsement

    c. Gifted and Talented Certification

    d. SC Teaching Certificate – English/Language Arts – Middle Grades (6-9)

    Parent – Teacher Communication      
           On behalf of your student’s team of teachers, we believe that communication is the key to an effective parent-teacher relationship. To help make you aware of what your child is learning in class, homework and upcoming tests or quizzes, I will send  team weekly updates that will include all the teachers on your student's team. It will be pertinent that I have an accurate email address. Please email me and I will be sure to include you in these important weekly updates. 
           We encourage you to contact any one of us if you have any questions or concerns at any time by either sending a note with your child or email us.


    For additonal Information go to:

    a. Parent Portal(online gradebook-must use passcodes given at time of registration) 

    b. Weekly TEAM Emails(sent by Mrs. Kaoud)

    c. Teacher Web Pages(accessed through District Site)

    d. Phone:  (803) 631 - 8000
          Look out for those  weekly/bi-weekly emails keeping you informed of some of the exciting things each of our classes are working on, including: HW, project deadlines and upcoming social events. For individual concerns, that teacher will contact you by email or phone. Together we will work with you to support and enrich your child’s academic growth.

          We have made it our goal to ensure that your child’s first year’s experience of middle school be filled with personal growth as an independent thinker and learner. We look forward to a productive and dynamic year with you and your child!

  • Daily Student Supplies for ELA
    1 Journal(marble notebooks)

    50 sheet protectors

    1-red pocket folder

    4 scotch tape

    IR Novel –(of personal choice)

    OMS Agenda– (given at orientation)

    Supply Case to include:Post it note;3x5 index cards; 4 highlighters (pink, yellow, green, blue); sharpie -(black or blue); Mechanical Pencils (w/plenty of lead refill); Erasers; 8 pack colorful markers;


               **(Special Teacher Request)

    4 or 8 pack Expo Markers, Lysol Wipes; KLEENEX Boxes


  • Classroom Rules

    1. Be Prompt.

    2. Be Prepared.

    4. Be Productive.

    5. Be Polite
    6. Be Positive.
    Classroom Procedures
    1. Before the start of class, line up (single file) outside my door you’re your agenda in hand.

    2. Upon entering the classroom, have your agenda out and place your books under your desk. Now is the time to be sure to have all pencils sharpened.

    3. Copy your homework into your agenda.

    4. Review & Complete Daily Assignments on the board.

    5. Take out your novel or personal reading material and read for pleasure.

    Clipboard and Agenda Marking Policy


    All academic instructors of the team will follow a clipboard and agenda discipline marking policy. A student will incur a mark in his or her agenda should he or she not follow the eight basic discipline rules or behave in the following ways:

    1. Talking out, giggling                       5- Not keeping hands, feet, other objects to self

    2. Out of Seat                                       6-  Candy, food, drinks in class

    3. Locker/Bathroom                             7- Tardy to class

    4. Unprepared for class                      8- No HW, Incomplete classwork

                       9- Teacher discretion (give brief explanation)

    *Restroom use is marked only for teacher tracking purposes. Only those who abuse its use will be marked as an infraction.

    **Parents must sign student agenda’s where your student has incurred an infraction and your child’s agenda was marked as such.  


    a. First Warning  -  evil eye, tapping lightly on student desk, RED stop sign on desk

    b. Second Warning  - parent teacher contact/ Wed. Disc. Folder Noted

    c. Detention/Silent Lunch – Discipline Assignment after lunch - during Recess   

    d. STOP Referral – Administrative Action - ISS

  • Grading 

    Projects; Tests                 =  40%   

    Class Assignm; Quizzes =  40%

    Homework                       =  20%

    A =   93 – 100              

    B =    85  -   92             

    C =    77  -   84             

    D =    70  -   76

    F =    Below 70

  • Homework Policy
    5 pts off each day
    assignment is late

    after 5 days = ZERO