• Physical Education at Larne Elementary
    Coach Andrew Kaser

    The overall goal of the physical education program at Larne Elementary School is to give students the skills and knowledge to live a physically active lifestyle. A goal for all students is to be able to move skillfully and efficiently in basic locomotor, dance, and game skills patterns. It is also my goal to provide PE experiences that will lead to healthy and active lifestyles that will promote students' physical skills as well as students' social skills. Cooperating and having good sportsmanship is always emphasized!

    Students will earn a physical education grade each nine weeks based on written assessments, skill assessments, and being actively involved in the lesson. It is important that students come to physical education class prepared with the appropriate clothing and shoes (tennis shoes or sneakers) in order to participate.



    A healthy body can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the way you think, feel, and act.

    Physical activities can lead to CONFIDENCE AND SUCCESS.

    Learning how your body can move is an important part of your TOTAL EDUCATION.

    Exercise can lead to an IMPROVED, MORE ENERGETIC LIFE....full of fun and adventure.


    Student Expectations:

    * To participate in all activities and always try your very best

    * To behave in a way which promotes learning

    * To wear proper shoes: sneakers or tennis shoes

    * To wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement

    * To be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn

    * Demonstrate LARNE CARES


    Parent Expectations:

    * To encourage your child to be physically active

    * To ask your child what they are doing in physical education and why

    * To send a note when your child needs to be excused from activities

    * Parents are always welcome to visit and participate in PE classes

    Grades in PE / Health


    E = Excellent

    S = Satisfactory

    N = Needs Improvement