If your child has a cell phone with internet access, please be aware of what your child sends to others.  Sexting is a big issue these days with middle and high school students.  Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between cell phones.  This is a serious matter.  Talk to your child about this issue.  Make sure your child understands how to handle such matters.  If a child receives such a photograph or message, he/she needs to inform an adult IMMEDIATELY.  Make sure your child knows he/she should NEVER send out a sexually explicit photo.  Many times, students are asked to send these pictures.  Parents, it is very important to have these conversations with your child.  Make sure you know what they are doing with their cell phone usage.  The law enforcement can get involved with these cases within the school.  Charges can be filed against students participating in this type of activity. 
    Click HERE to view an activity booklet from the National Institute of Health - Cyber Safety for Kids and Teens.
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