• Teacher with apple IMPORTANT Note for Parents: In order to keep up-to-date with your student's assignments and progress, become an observer on Canvas, and register for the PowerSchool Parent Portal. The Parent Portal will allow you to set notifications if your child's grade is lower than a percentage you choose. 

    1. Textbooks:  There is a class set in the classroom.  iBooks and CK-12 Flexbooks will be used the most and will be made accessible through Canvas, and via apps.

    2. If students are absent, it is their responsibility to make up assignments. They can get missed assignments by checking Canvas, asking friends, checking "Einstein" (in my class), and asking their teachers. If work is to be picked up at school, please make sure we have enough time to get it together and to the front office.

    3. If you should e-mail me and not get a response within 24 hours, please call 810-8332 and leave me a message that you sent an e-mail for me to look for--often e-mails are "trapped" by our SPAM filter.

    4. Students are expected to keep a science notebook. This notebook is called "Einstein." (EINSTEIN="Everyday Interactive Notebook of Science That Encourages Individual Notations") This notebook will be a compostition book and will contain a LOT of information!"Einstein" should be brought to class every day. Students will need information recorded in "Einstein" to study for tests, record research & data collection and to reflect/draw/make graphic organizers, etc. They may be used on "pop" quizzes or other assignments at any time. If "Einstein" is lost, it is the student's responsibility to get the current unit (only) information from a classmate ASAP! Losing, not having, or failing to record content in "Einstein" is not an excuse for not participating in or scoring low on an assignment!

    5. Retests are offered in accordance with school policy as outlined in the student handbook. Any student who scores a 59 or below ON A MAJOR TEST may ask to retest for a maximum score of 70. It is the student's responsibility to inform me of his/her desire to retest, and arrange/attend 2 tutoring sessions within a school week in order to take the retest. NOTE: Open book or open notes tests are NOT eligible for retests!

    Projects/Lab Reports: Please DO NOT e-mail me any assignments. Instead, please upload digital assignments to the appropriate assignment in Canvas.