• Congratulations! Your student has made the incredible decision to join the OMS Band!

    We have a phenomenal list of students signed up and I am very excited about having them all as the newest members of our award-winning Oakridge Middle School Band program!

    All 6th Grade Band students will start their Beginning Band classes on the first day of the school year. The next step is to figure out WHAT they will play. Following our custom Instrument Fitting process, we make several recommendations for which instrument your student is best suited to play (based on physical characteristics, coordination, best natural tone production, and interest). They don’t have to pick an instrument when we finish fitting, but we will collect information to make sure they are in the correct band class to start the school year!

    When can they be fitted? Time slots are available for Thursday - May 16th, Monday - May 20th, or Tuesday - May 21st at OMS in the band room at 4, 4:30, 5, and 5:30 PM. Use the link below to register for one 25-minute time slot.

    Sign-Up Link – https://tinyurl.com/432reepp

    Why are we fitting now? We want to be ahead of the “beginning of the year rush”, especially with ongoing supply chain issues!! If we can get every student fitted now,
    it will also be one less worry that you have transitioning to middle school at the beginning of the year.
    Then we also get to start playing sooner!

    Your student must be mouthpiece fitted in order to make sure that they are registered for the correct band class, so let’s get everyone’s fitting completed!

    Beginning Band Registration Meetings will be held two nights at the beginning of the 2024-2025 school year in the Oakridge Middle School Band Room (Aug. 14 & Aug. 15, 2024) You and your student will only need to attend one of the two nights. Registration links will be sent out in late July/early August for those two nights in order to register for your individual meeting time.

    Rental and purchase information for your child’s registered instrument will be available those nights from the wonderful people at Roper Music, who will be set-up to answer any and all of your instrument questions. Finding an instrument for your student, regardless of budget is my top priority. No one is denied access to band because of cost!

    Have questions over the Summer? Reach out to me via email so I can help! zack.mccarter@clover.k12.sc.us