• Art 2: This is a second level class and we will be focusing on the principals of art/design.  Students should have their sketch books, pencils, erasers in class every day.  Keep a great attitude, give your best effort and  you will be in great shape! 
    *** Remember, if you are absent it is your responsibility to ask for the assignments you missed.  Students, this is a studio class so it is sometimes difficult or impossible for you to have the supplies and tools you need to complete assignments at home, so it is in your best interest to be in class. If you need additional instruction time or studio time you must make it up either before school or after school by appointment.  Do your best to be in the classroom every day so you can get the best possible outcomes for your assignments.
    For the remainder of the year, you will find information about my classes in paragraph form in this area of my page instead of in the chart below.  I do tho because seniors begin to move around a bit and EOC affect our projects just a little.  The major information is more easily outlined in paragraph form.
    ** We will complete 2-3 more major art projects in the remaining weeks.  Those assignments are done in class and as long as you are in school you will have no problem completing assignments.
    **THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!  SKETCH BOOKS ARE DUE ON THURSDAY MAY 15.  This is a change in due date. Students have been notified of the change of due date and the information is on the board in the classroom for several days. NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED ON THIS ASSIGNMENT, because this as been assigned for 9 weeks for section 1 and the entire semester for section 2.  Students have been given time in class through out the semester to complete the work and they were assigned to work on it at home as well.  
    ** Exam study guides will given on May 21. Students will have 2 days to complete their guides and we will have an oral review on Friday May 23.  I will clarify any questions or concerns from students about the study guide or exam.
    ** On May 27 and May 28 Seniors will take their final exams according to the school calendar.  Underclassmen will have to keep up with their exam study guides and can continue to study for their exams until their exam days on June 2 and June 3.  Make up exam day is June 4.
    ** Friday May 30 is our room inventory, clean and close day for the year. All students are expected to help in this process. I will take a participation grade for their efforts on this day .
    ** There are not many more days left in our 2014-15 school year. Stay focused, be in school and be your best and most respectful self and you will finish strong and proud of your efforts.  
    If you have questions please email me at:  luann.lovelace@clover.k12.sc.us 
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