Welcome to Ms. Haug's Teacher Page!

    Your Teacher (Ms. Haug):

    I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Earth and Space Science Education from Youngstown State University.  I just completed my masters in teaching and my National Boards.  I love to make the classroom interactive, exciting, engaging, and technologically advanced when appropriate.  Please communicate with me as often as you desire throughout the semester.  You, as the student, are the reason I am here and my goal is to give you all the tools, materials and knowledge you need to succeed in this class.


    Adjusting to This Year’s Science:

    In my experiences working with Science classes, I have found that many are surprised by some of the different academic expectations of  science.  Please be prepared to have more of an emphasis on personal responsibility, a strong adherence to deadlines, and an emphasis on ACHIEVEMENT. 


    Your Safety:

    Appropriate behavior is expected and required at all times to insure student safety in the lab and outdoor environment.  No problems are anticipated, but clear procedures are in place should disruptions become an issue.


    Your Continuing Success: 

    It is my job to make instruction engaging and exciting for students.  However, all students will, at some point, lose focus and may become lost in the material.  I encourage all students to ask questions that may arise right away rather than waiting.  The information in this course will build upon prior learning, so students should ask questions before the problem grows larger.  I am happy to have parents call, visit, or e-mail at any time if they have questions or concerns. 


    Your Assignments:

    We will have several projects and lab reports this semester in addition to tests and quizzes.  Please make sure you are not procrastinating in your work.  The assignments have been scheduled so that NO MAJOR conflicts will occur among due dates if the work is done according to schedule.  


    Your Materials

    Please try to have the following materials no later than Monday January 26th.

    ·        3 subject notebook and Folder 

    ·         (2) 5-section dividers, colored pencils or markers, pencils

    ·          pens

    ·         calculator (a must) 

    ·         Flash drive (a must)


    Students will need to bring all materials with them to class every day.


    Courses taught: 

    *AP Environmental Science 

    *Honors Earth Science



    Please look at the course Canvas page (@ clover.instructure.com) for all assignments, grades, and due dates.  
    I will update the Canvas gradebook and calendar daily.  
    I can be reached via email by heidi.haug@clover.k12.sc.us or by phone at 803-810-8200.