• ruth

    Blue Eagle Nation,

    What an honor it is to be at the helm of the top high school in South Carolina.  Clover is my home and it is so exciting to be principal of its flagship school.  The Clover School District holds tightly to its commitment to excellence and this is evident not only by the top shelf professionalism of its employees but also by the caliber of young men and women we send out in to the world.

    A beautiful thing happens when schools, students ,parents and their community unite toward a common goal.  For it takes all of these entities to maximize our collective futures.  Here at Clover High School,  we understand the gravity of our mission.  We represent those last few years that will propel the students of Clover toward brighter tomorrows.  This is a responsibility that our faculty members take on with pride. 

    As we embark on this journey together, I rest assured knowing the level of expectation we all hold for the students of Clover.  I again emphasis my high level of excitement about being a part of the Blue Eagle family and look forward to the things we will accomplish together.


    Rod Ruth