• Introduction to Engineering Pacing Guide

    Mrs. Marti Brown


    Week 1          

    -Class info. Packets

    -Ice breaker activities

    -Problem solving activity      (Paper Stage)

    -Activity 1.1 Instant Challenge: Cable Car


    Week 2           Unit 1.  Design Process

    -Key Terms

    -Engineers notebook .PPT

    -Engineering Disciplines  .PPT

    -Engineering Overview .PPT

    -Rules for Brainstorming .PPT

    -Activity 1.1.1-Coffee Cup

    -Product Design Evolution .PPT (Don’t Do Activity)

    -Activity 1.1.2-Product Evolution                       

    -Intro. To Research .PPT

    -Design Process Overview .PPT

    -Cable Car Activity 1.1


    Week 3 & Week 4     Unit 2  Technical Sketching

    -Key Terms

    -Line conventions demo .PPT

    -Inch Diagram

    -Title Block demo, Draw Layout “A”

    -Manually Draw Fig. 4-44, centered

    -Isometric and Oblique Sketching .PPT

    -Activity 2.1 Isometric Sketching

    -Perspective Sketching .PPT

    -Activity 2.2 Perspective Sketching

    -Multi-view Sketching .PPT

    -Activity 2.4 Multi-view Sketching

    -Sectional Views.PPT (old unit 2.3.4)

    -Activity 7.2 Sectional Views

    -Auxilary Views .PPT (Unit 8)

    -Activity 8.3 Auxilary Views

    -Intro Dimensioning  .PPT (Unit 3)

    -Dimensioning Guidelines

    -Dimensioning (Tape Fig. 4-44 down and add dimensions)


    Week 5           Unit 3 Measurements and Statistics

    -Key Terms

    -SI Measurement Systems .PPT

    -US Customary Measurement Systems .PPT

    -Unit Conversions .PPT

    -Activity 3.2 Linear Measurements

    -Decimal conversion chart

    -Dial caliper.PPT

    -Intro to Summary Statistics .PPT

                        -Activity 3.5 Applied Statistics


    Week 6 & Week 7     Unit 4 Modeling Skills

    -Key Terms

    -Modeling .PPT

    -Activity 4.1a Puzzle Part Combinations

    - Activity  4.1 Puzzle Design Challenge

    - Puzzle Cube Isometric BMP in Paint (Create 3 Solutions)

    -Decision Matrix

    - Iso Grid BMP

    - Ortho Grid BMP in Paint

    - Build Puzzle Cube Manually

    -Assembly Constraints .PPT (Unit 7)

    -Creating a Drawing in CAD .PPT

    -Create Puzzle Pieces in Inventor

    -Constrain Puzzle Pieces in Assembly File

    -Create Presentation of Puzzle Cube

    -Dimensioning Standard .PPT (Unit 7)

    -Create Working Drawings of each Puzzle Piece

    -Digital Portfolio of Puzzle Project

    -Activity 4.2 Puzzle Cube Packaging


    Week 8           Unit 5 Geometric of Design

    -Key Terms

    -Geometric Shapes and Area .PPT

    -Act. 5.1 Calculating Properties of Shapes

    -Properties of Geometric Solids .PPT

    -Determining Density. PPT

    - Physical Property Analysis.PPT


    Week 9

    -Inventor Tutorials Basic Skills (All)

    -Work Points, Work Axes, and Work Planes .PPT

    -Inventor Tutorials Advanced Skills (Helix, Lofting, Sweeps)

    -2.1.6 ISO Model Creations (Choose 6)


    Week 10         Unit 7 Documentation

    -Key Terms

    -Tolerances PPT

    -Holes and Notes.PPT

    -Create Hole Example in Inventor

    -Create Dwgs of Hole Example with Hole Table and Section


    Week 11 & Week 12

    Unit 8 Advanced Computer Modeling (Miniature Train)

    -Activity 8.1c Model A Miniature Train

    -Build each train part in Inventor

    -Constrain Miniature Train parts in Assembly file

    -Create presentation file in Inventor from Assembly file

    -Create Working Drawings for each part, fully dimension

    -Digital Portfolio (Do NOT Do Portfolio yet, do with Car)

    -Parametric Modeling.PPT

    -Activity 8.2c Parametric Constraints




    Week 13         Unit 10.1 Design Challenge (Miniature Train Car)

    -Brainstorm, sketch car

    -Create Car in Inventor

    -Constrain Car in Assembly File

    -Create Presentation of Car

    -Create Working Drawings for each part of Car

    -Digital Portfolio of Completed Train with Part of Car


    Week 14 & Week 15             Unit 6 Reverse Engineering

    -Key Terms

    -Elements and Principles.PPT

    -Activity 6.1 Elements and Principles of Design Identification

    -Reverse Engineering and Functional Analysis .PPT

    -Product Observation.PPT

    -Activity 6.3 Product Observation

    -Simple Machines.PPT

    -Product Disassembly.PPT

    -Act. 6.4 Product Disassembly Chart

    -Disassemble Reverse Engineering Product

    -Measure and Sketch all parts of Reverse Engineering Product

    -Build each part in Inventor

    -Constrain Reverse Engineering parts in Assembly file

    -Create presentation file in Inventor from Assembly file

    -Create Working Drawings for each part, fully dimension

    -Digital Portfolio


    Week 16         Unit 9 Design Teams

     -Key Terms

    - Global, Human, and Ethical Impacts.PPT

    -Activity 9.1 Product Lifecycle


    Week 17         Unit 9 Design Teams

    -Design Challenge

    -Brain Storm, Sketch

    -Decision Matrix

    -Create each part in Inventor

    -Create Working Drawings of each part, fully dimension

    -Create Assembly file

    -Create presentation file in Inventor

    -Digital Portfolio


    Week 18        

    -Final Project

    -Exam Reviews 

    There will be Lab activities that correspond with the current unit that will be taking place along with the activities above.