Welcome to Dance II!!


    Dance II

    Regina Inman


    Available M-F 8:30 – 10:00




    Dance II will build upon concepts and training developed in Dance I. Students study intermediate level technique and vocabulary with emphasis on strength, flexibility, agility, and musical phrasing. Focus will be on classical training during this semester. Choreographic skills and the creative process will be developed through exploration and improvisation in various dance forms.  The course will culminate in a community performance at the end of the semester. 




    ·         Dance shoes, socks, or bare feet are allowed for class work.  


    ·         Students must have workout clothes for every class: leggings, athletic pants, etc. 

    Daily Grades

    Daily technique and participation grades will be earned. Points will be earned or taken away according to the student’s technical skills and participation choices. Students are eligible to earn a total of 20 points each day in classwork/technique and 20 points for participation. These daily technique and participation grades will be weighted according to the above scale to create one major grade for the week.  

    Participation grades may be lowered due to the following:

    • Failure to dress out
    • Tardy to roll call
    • Chewing gum                         
    • Disruptive behavior
    • Excessive talking
    • Cell phone infraction
    • Lack of participation in class


    Written Exam

    Students will take a written exam at the end of the semester which will count

    as 20% of their final grade. 



    Overview of Units of Study


    1st Nine Weeks:

    The Dancer’s Body: Anatomy, Physical Safety




    Choreographic Principles

    Evaluating/Critiquing Dance

    Historically Significant Dancers, Companies, and Major Works


    2nd Nine Weeks:


    Performance and Production