• Daily Expectations

    1. Safety first.

    2. Follow all class rules.
    3.Be in assigned seat before tardy bell rings.
    4.Be prepared with pencil, paper, note book and tool box key.
    5. At beginning of class, start assignment posted on front board.
    6.Sit in assigned seats when in class ,stay in your in seats until until bell rings to dismiss.
    7.Return home work or assignments on due date. 
    8.If you are absent check with me for missed assignments and make up work. 


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  • Class Rules


    2. Treat others with respect.

    3. Be in assigned seat prepared to begin work when tardy bell rings.
    4. Keep a clean orderly and safe work area.
    5.  When working in shop clean shop and return tools to their proper place at the end of class .
    6 . No clowning or horse play.
    7. Do not  start or operate tools without instructors permission. 
    8.Give full effort at all times and don't distract other students
    9. Follow all rules of Clover School District including technology rules.
    10. If you are taking any medication please inform me before using any tools .
    11.Follow instructions, directions and all safety procedures when working with tools.
    12. Safety  glasses must be worn when working with power tools. 
    13. Cell phones are not to be used in class.
    14. Check with instructor on any tool that does not seem to be operating correctly or if you have questions  about using that tool.  
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  • General information

    1. TOOLS: Each student will be issued a tool box with a set of tools. All tools and equipment are property of Clover School District. Tool boxes are checked periodically and it is the student's responsibility to pay for lost tools. Students will be required to pay for any tools or materials if they intentionally  cause damage.

     2.Safety glasses  are required and must meet z-87 standards. Please help by encouraging your child to wear their safety glasses.

    3.Students may retest one time if they score lower than 77 on a test .Retesting must be  done within five school days  for a maximum grade of  77.
    4. Late work will be accepted with a seven point  penalty for each day late. After five school days late work will result in a 0.
    5. This is a work training class and students will be graded from the time they enter until the time they leave class. Grades will be based on what they do or don't do.
    6. Grade will be determined by test, quizzes, projects, participation, and following safety rules. 
    7. If you would like a conference concerning your child, please call CHS to make an appointment either during my planning period (4th block), before school or after school.     803-810-8213   e-mail eddie.clinton@clover.k12.sc.us
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