Hardship Request Information

  • ***HARSHIP WINDOW FOR 2022-20223 HAS CLOSED***


    Regulations for Accommodations For Clover School District Residents 

    Accommodations are defined as “K-12 students with approved transfers to a school within the district that is not the student’s home or zoned school.”   Hardships cannot be approved for PreK students. Requests for changes in placement must be made through the Early Childhood director, Dr. Amy Bowles. 

     According to Board Policy JFABC – Transfer and Withdrawal of Students, Clover School District Residents may be approved if:

    1. Appropriate special education programs are provided in a school other than the zoned school. These transfers should be initiated by Special Services Department.
    2. A student has changed or will change residence during or before the school year.
    3. A student under psychological or psychiatric care who could benefit from the services of another school.
    4. Childcare arrangements present a valid hardship. *COMPLETE RESIDENT CHILDCARE VERIFICATION FORM
    5. Documented extenuating circumstances exist.

    NOTE: CSD Pre-K program has a registration process.  Due to limited availability, hardship transfer applications for PK are not accepted.  If you have a specific need for a Pre-K student please call the district office at 803-810-8000.


    Accommodation Timeline for 2022-2023 School Year

    • March 21:  Hardship Application forms published
    • April 24:  Resident accommodations for next school year (deadline for students already attending a Clover School)
    • May 25:  Notification to parents regarding accommodation decisions
    • August 7:  Notification of accommodation changes due to class size and/or enrollment at requested school


    Application Procedures

    1. Complete Resident Hardship Transfer Application form. Be sure to fill in all sections and sign and date form.
    2. If childcare is your reason, complete the Resident Childcare Verification form. Be sure to fill in all sections and have provider sign.  Verification calls may be made.
    3. Attach any additional documentation to form.
    4. Return all forms and documentation:
      1. Save/Scan and email to brenda.sherer@clover.k12.sc.us or mark.hopkins@clover.k12.sc.us
      2. Fax to (803) 222-8003
      3. US Mail or drop off to/at: Clover School District - 604 Bethel St - Clover, SC 29710
    5. You will be informed of your application status by June 4.