Hardship Request Information

  • According to Board Policy JFABCR – Transfer and Withdrawal of Students, Clover School District Residents may apply for an accommodation due to a documented hardship as outlined.


    A parent or legal guardian may apply for a hardship accommodation if:                    

    • childcare arrangements present a hardship that is relieved by the students’ attendance at a different school
    • a student is a sibling of a special education student who attends a program in a school other than the zoned school
    • a student has specific physical, psychological, and/or psychiatric reasons outlined by a medical professional to attend a different school

    The following accommodations must be initiated by the district:

    • appropriate special education programs are provided in a school other than the zoned school
    • transfer due to a specific disciplinary or legal charge

    Accommodation Timeline 2023

    March 20                             Hardship Application process published

    May 31                                 Resident accommodations deadline for students already attending a Clover

    June                                      Notification to parents regarding accommodation decisions

    July 1                                    Notification of accommodation changes due to class size


    *No new 2023 hardships will be approved for Bethany, Oakridge Elementary, Oakridge Middle due to enrollment, capacity and growth.


    Instructions and Information: Failure to provide all necessary information necessary to support a hardship application will result in denial.  The intent of accommodations is to address legitimate and documented hardships that the district may relieve through an accommodation.  CSD will not provide transportation except when directed by the district.


    Requests will not be accepted and/or approved if:

    • student is not in good academic and behavioral standing at current school
    • all documentation is not accurate, complete, signed and included with application
      • forms must be delivered or mailed to the Clover School District Office, scanned & emailed, or emailed as an attachment to studentservices@clover.k12.sc.us
      • pictures of forms will not be accepted! 
    • if submitted after published closing date of hardship window
    • if the requested school enrollment and/or teacher ratio is too high:


    Hardship transfer applications for Pre-K are not accepted.  CSD Pre-K program has a registration process and is not open to all students. If you have a specific need for a Pre-K student please call the district office at 803-810-8000.


    Application Procedures

    1. Complete Resident Hardship Transfer Application form.  Be sure to fill in all sections and sign and date form.
    2. If childcare is your reason, complete Resident Childcare Verification form.  Fill in all sections and have provider sign.  If work hours are reason for hardship, a letter from employer is required. Verification calls will be made.
    3. Attach any additional documentation to form.
    4. Return all forms and documentation (pictures of forms will not be accepted!):
      1. Save/Scan and email to studentservices@clover.k12.sc.us
      2. US Mail or drop off to/at:  Clover School District Office, 604 Bethel St. Clover, SC 29710
      3. Fax to (803)222-8003
    5. You will be informed of your application status in June.