Regulations for Accommodations For Clover School District Residents


    Accommodations are defined as “students with approved transfers to a school within the district that is not the student’s home or zoned school.” 


    According to Board Policy JBCD Accommodations for Clover School District Residents may be approved if:

    1.       Childcare arrangements present a hardship that is relieved by the students’ attendance at a different school.

    2.       Appropriate special education programs are provided in a school other than the zoned school.

    3.       A student is a sibling of a special education student who attends a program in a school other than the zoned school.

    4.       A school initiates a student’s transfer due to a specific disciplinary or legal charge.

    5.       A student has specific physical, psychological, and/or psychiatric reasons outlined by a medical professional to attend a different school.

    6.       A student who has  been rezoned to a new school due to re-districting who will be in the 5th or 8th grade and wants to remain in the school where (s)he has been attending (Note: siblings of the rising 5th or 8th grade student may also be accommodated to remain in the school for one year).

    7.       Special circumstances arise outside the above situations which meet the best interest of the student or district as determined by the Superintendent or his/her designee.



    Accommodation Timeline


    April 28           Resident accommodations for next school year (deadline for students already attending a Clover School)


    May 26            Notification to parents regarding accommodation decisions


    August 7          Notification of accommodation changes due to class size