When to keep your child home from school...

    School attendance is very important for your child in order to have the opportunity to learn. However, within the school community there are illnesses that may be passed directly or indirectly to one another – especially during the cold and flu season. If your child becomes ill at school, the school nurse will contact you to pick up your child.

    Your help is also needed to decrease the spread of illnesses. Please do not send your child to school when they are sick. Children should be kept home when they have a contagious illness. Sometimes it is difficult to decide when and how long to keep your child home from school. The following guidelines may help you determine when it is necessary to keep your child home.

    In addition, the school nurse is not a doctor therefore she is not able to diagnose, treat or prescribe medication. Thus, it is your responsibility as their parent to have your child treated by a physician whenever necessary.

    We really appreciate your cooperation. Please call the school and let us know if your child has a contagious illness. The nurse is available for questions about when it is appropriate to keep your child home from school.   


    Guidelines for Keeping Children Home from School Due to Illness



    Please contact your school nurse with any questions as school district poliy may more stringent guidelines.