Protect Yourself

  • Internet Safety  
    Tips for Keeping your Personal Information Safe:
    1.)  Remain as anonymous as possible. That means keeping all private information private.
                -- Do NOT list your:
                         - Full Name
                         - Home Address
                         - Telephone Number
                         - Passwords
                         - Social Security Number
    2.) Think before you create your screen name!!
                -- Do NOT use your real name as your screen name.
    3.) Be aware of cyber-bullying
                -- Cyber-bullying involves using electronic communication t
    • put others down. 
    • play pranks. 
    • share personal information publicly 
    • stalk someone. 
    • commit other overt attacks upon a person.

    4.) Think about how your e-mail message will be read by others. Do not say anything online that is cruel or may damage someone's reputation.

    5.) Do not share personal information about another individual.
    6.) Never post anything that you would regret later or cause you embarrassment or shame. The Internet is the most public of forums. Once you have posted a                comment, a photograph or a video, it cannot be erased or taken back. You cannot control its duplication and it may be used against you.
    7.) Once posted, the information can be seen by anyone online including family and friends, employers or potential employers, admissions officers at colleges you want to attend, police and other law enforcement authorities.