• The Crosse Club was established in March 2013 to support the boy's and girl's lacrosse programs at Clover High School.  The purpose of the club is to organize the many activities that accompany the successful running of a quality program.  If you would like to get involved with the Crosse Club please contact any one of the board members or coaches of the boys and girls teams.
    Board Members
    President -
       James Linn
    Girls Vice President -
       Mike Calvert                          calvert4@carolina.rr.com
    Boys Vice President -
       Laura Summer
    Treasurer -
       Amy Crysler                          ac.foundparadise@gmail.com
    Recording Secretary -
       Aarika Albrick
    Communication Secretary -
       Kristin Hawkins
    Youth Lacrosse Liaison -
       Rena MacDevette
    Game Day Operations Committee
          Boy's Games
          Girl's Games
    Fundraising Committee

    Membership Committee
    Team Meals Committee 
    Meeting Minutes
    Board Meeting 5/29/13 Meeting Minutes