• GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: The goal of the Air Force Junior ROTC program is to help high school students become better citizens and leaders by instilling a sense of responsibility, character, and self-discipline. The program promotes community service, education excellence, teamwork, fitness, and personal development for success. An underlying thread in ROTC is patriotism and pride in the institutions and values that make this country strong.

    ROTC “PILLARS”: Citizenship and leadership are the two major focuses in all we do. Our cadets are heavily into community service and beyond. They respond with open hearts and hard work when it comes to helping others. Leadership is reflected in every activity. The cadets learn the fundamentals of good “followership” first - then develop sound leadership principles that will help them succeed in any endeavor.

    BRIEF HISTORY OF AFJROTC: Army ROTC has been around since 1911, but all the military services committed to the program in 1964 with Public Law 88-647, the ROTC Vitalization Act. The law provided for the establishment of JROTC programs in all public and private high schools. The Air Force had reached its ceiling of 690 units until General Colin Powell, then Secretary of State, saw JROTC cadets cleaning up the streets after the Los Angeles riots. He liked the community service he saw and so did the Congress of the United States. Our legislators approved an Air Force expansion to 945 units by 2008. Today, there are over 900 high schools with Air Force Junior ROTC, and over 120,000 students are enrolled in the program. Clover officials took advantage of the new opportunity and secured a contract for Clover High School in 1995.