New Clover Middle School

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    A new middle school will be built on 120 acres of district-owned land at the intersection of Barrett Road and Highway 55, which is approximately 1.5 miles west of the Clover. The school will be modeled after Oakridge Middle School, which was opened in 2008 to serve students located in the eastern side of our district.
    The Board of Trustees and district administrators strive to provide all necessary resources to allow all students in the district to perform at their highest levels-- academically, socially, and athletically--while being good stewards of your tax dollars. A new middle school will provide a 21st century learning facility for students on the west side of the district. In considering the flexibility needed for growth at Clover High School and the change of the current Clover Middle School into a Ninth Grade Academy, the school district's Ten Year Facility Needs Plan calls for a new middle school. Presently, middle school students enter Clover High School from different learning environments. Built in 1987, Clover Middle School's classrooms are not equal to those at Oakridge Middle School. With all middle school students attending similar, state-of-the-art middle schools, they will enter Clover High School from the same learning environment having been afforded the same opportunities.
    The new campus will also include outdoor educational classrooms, and athletic facilities for baseball, softball, football, soccer, and track. The district has a longstanding relationship with area recreational sports teams and organizations and district fields made available to each group provide a win-win for children in our community. New fields at new Clover Middle School will continue to be made available to community parks and recreation leagues.  
    $40 million.