Aquatics & Fitness Center

  • aquatics center
    Build an aquatics and fitness center on district-owned land next to Crowders Creek Elementary School. The facility would feature two indoor pools, aerobic machines, a weight room, a basketball gym, racquetball court, and more. If funds are available after all other projects are complete, the plan includes a water park.
    The center would be a partnership with the Upper Palmetto YMCA. The YMCA will manage day-to-day operations. The district will own the facility. Together, we believe this full-service facility will positively impact the quality of life in our community. Staffing, programing, and scheduling would be coordinated by the YMCA. Through this partnership, the community would gain access to a first-class aquatics center that also offers a number of programs for non-school-aged children as well as seniors for alternative exercise programs to those offered at traditional gyms. Additionally, the facility could provide a venue for a consolidated YMCA after school program.
    Learning to swim is important skill for safety reasons as well as recreational purposes – particularly in a community where a lake provides a major means of recreation. This facility will make a longstanding dream become a reality as it will make it possible for the district to integrate swim lessons into the physical education curriculum for its elementary students. Presently, the Clover High School swim team relies on access to outdoor neighborhood pools for practice and competition and does not have a facility to call home.
    $14 million