Ninth Grade Academy

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    This project includes a renovation of the current Clover Middle School into a state of the art Ninth Grade Academy.  The district's 10-year facility plan, includes the following updates as part of this project:
    • Complete upgrade from Clover Middle to high school
    • Add fire sprinkler system throughout school
    • Replace entire HVAC system
    • Correct moisture issues and install waterproofing
    • Replace linoleum, carpet, terrazzo, and sports/wood flooring
    • Replace ACT throughout school
    • Upgrade kitchen equipment
    • Replace existing data system
    • Replace entire intercom system
    • Replace entire fire alarm system with UL system
    • Upgrade/replace security system
    • Paint entire interior of school (per 7 year cycle)
    In an effort to further enhance the student experience at Clover High School while providing a focused program for freshmen we will improve instructional spaces for science labs, electives and a host Career and Technical programs to replicate what is offered on the main Clover High campus. We believe this change will allow for a more intensive focus on academics while providing a safe and supportive transition to the rigors of high school for ninth grade students. A Ninth Grade Academy can take many forms and have become an almost standard practice in high schools across the country and in South Carolina.  The level of implementation may vary from school to school based on their population and needs, but almost every school has some unique plans and practices for its ninth grade students. For example, Wando High School in Mount Pleasant, the largest high school in the South Carolina, has a ninth grade wing exclusive to ninth graders. Lexington High School has dedicated ninth grade teachers and a targeted ninth grade curriculum. At Dorman, Byrnes, Boiling Springs and Spartanburg high schools, stand-alone buildings are used for the ninth grade.  In Clover, this stand-alone school will provide for the needs of our freshman while the main campus will serve grades 10 through 12. Our main campus will have a capacity of 2,400 students; while the Ninth Grade Academy will have a capacity of 1,000 students. If the change were to go into effect today, our main campus would have approximately 1,500 students.  And the Ninth Grade Academy would have nearly 500 students.
    $10 million.