• Academics

    The faculty and administration of CMS are dedicated to inspiring and mentoring our students as they strive to develop the skills necessary for success in middle school and beyond. Parental participation and support are integral in ensuring that our students leave middle school prepared for high school, college, and life.  To stay up to date with academic progress, be sure to be a Canvas observer for your student.  If you are unsure how to become an observer, please contact one of his/her core teachers.

    • Eagle Pride is our morning tutoring program available to students who need extra support in understanding concepts taught in the classroom.  
    • Academy is our eighth grade program for designated students to work in smaller groups with their core teachers.
    • Study skills is our exploratory class rotation for all grades where students have extra time to complete homework while at school.

    As a resource, refer to the useful sites list to assist you in helping your student through the middle school years.   

  • Useful Sites

    Duke TIP

    Duke TIP stands for Talent Identification Program and is sponsored by Duke University.  Students are identified based on standardized test scores taken in elementary or middle school.  When students are enrolled, they are encouraged to take the SAT or ACT college entrance exam in the seventh grade.  Enrollment for Duke TIP begins in August.   http://www.tip.duke.edu/

     South Carolina Governor's School for Arts and Humanities : This site provides information about the SC Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities.  http://scgsah.org

    South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Math: This site provides information about the SC Governor's School for Science and Math.  http://www.scgssm.org/goscitech

    National Association for Gifted Children : This is a site designed to help support the needs of high potential learners.


    The College Board: Find colleges, learn about financial aid and use expert college planning tools. http://www.collegeboard.org

    Organization: Advice for Parents:  Tips and strategies to help your child get organized and stay organized. https://www.teachervision.com/education-and-parents/teaching-methods/3676.html 

    Helping Your Child With Homework

    Tips and strategies to help your child with homework.


    SC Junior Scholars Program

    The South Carolina Junior Scholars Program was developed by the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) during the 1985-86 school year to identify eighth grade students with exceptional academic talent and to develop strategies for inclusion into special programs.