• College/Career Readiness & IGP’s


    Created by the Education and Economic Development Act of 2005, Personal Pathways to Success was designed to provide all public school students in South Carolina with the resources to identify explore and develop an education plan for their career and employment goals.   


    Beginning in the 8th grade, students write an Individual Graduation Plan with help from guidance counselors and parents or parental designees. The IGP is a road map that guides students toward their education, career, and employment goals. It includes general graduation requirements, as well as elective coursework and other strategies for meeting long-term goals. Eighth grade students choose a cluster of study around which to focus their interests, abilities and career goals. By the end of the tenth grade, students will select a major from their chosen cluster. The IGP’s are reviewed and updated yearly.


    Arts, AV, Technology Cluster                                                          Majors:  Journalism, Media Technology, Humanities, Performing Arts,      Visual Arts, & World Language

    Education Cluster
    Majors:  Early Childhood, Secondary Education

    Business Management Cluster
    Majors:  Business Information Management, General Management

    Finance Cluster
    Majors:  Accounting

    Hospitality & Tourism Cluster
    Majors:  Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management

    Information Technology Cluster
    Majors:  Programming and Software, Web and Digital Communication

    Manufacturing Cluster
    Majors:  Mechatronics, Welding

    Marketing Cluster
    Majors:  Marketing Communications

    Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Cluster
    Majors:  Plant and Animal Systems

    Architecture & Construction Cluster
    Majors:  Architecture & Construction

    Transportation Cluster
    Majors:  Automotive Technology

    Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) Cluster
    Majors:  Math, Pre-Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing, Science

    Government Cluster
    Majors:  National Security

    Health Science Cluster
    Majors:  Health & Personal Fitness, Nursing/Pre-Med, Sports Medicine

    Human Services Cluster
    Majors:  Family & Consumer Science

  • Informational Sites


    SCOIS is an on-line system that provides access to career assessments, college information, occupational information, financial aid information as well as career videos and many tools to help students plan their futures. A password is necessary to access the site. Student passwords are their lastname, first name, middle initial.  Their password is Cmseagle1.  Once they login, they will be prompted to change their passwords. 



    Connecting Learning to Life

    Naviance is a comprehensive K-12 college and career readiness solution that helps districts and schools align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life.


        SC Commission on

        Higher Education

    This site provides information on colleges and universities in South Carolina and the academic programs available.  It also provides valuable information regarding the requirements for various grants and scholarships including the Life, Palmetto Fellows, and Hope Scholarships.

    College Board

    Information to assist in planning for college.