• Community Resources


    Clover Cares provides a comprehensive list of resources available to our community.  Please follow the link for more information. These include..............

    Basic Needs Assistance

    Cancer Resources

    Children’s Services

    Civic Organizations

    Clothing Assistance

    Crisis Shelters/Transitional Assistance

    Cultural Services

    Dental Services

    Educational Resources

    Employment Preparation Services

    Financial Services

    Housing Authorities

    Legal Aid Services

    Medical Services

    Mental Health Services

    Prescription and Medical Supply Services

    Schools and


    Senior Services

    State Agencies

    Substance Abuse Services

  • You may also contact your School Counselor or School Social Worker if you need any other assistance.

    Courtney Jones, School Social Worker, 803.810.8309

    Teresa Ringer, School Counselor, 803.810.8308

    Deborah Wingard, School Counselor, 803.810.8310

    Shaun Huitt, School Counselor, 803.810.8309