• Attendance

     Attendance Policy

    South Carolina public school students are classified as truant when they have three (3) consecutive unlawful absences or a total of five (5) unlawful absences. 

    Once a student is classified as truant they must be placed on an Attendance Intervention Plan. These plans may follow the student from one school year to the next. Violations of the Attendance Intervention Plan may result in referral to the District Attendance Officer and ultimately Family Court. 

    Lawful Absence(s):

    Excused Absence(s) – Student has a parent note verifying the absence as due to illness. Students may not have more than ten (10) excused absences in a school year. 

                             Medical Absence(s) – Student has a written doctor’s excuse.  

    Unlawful Absence(s):

    Unexcused Absence(s) – Student has a note that does not give a valid reason for the absence(s).

    Unverified Absence(s) – Student has no written note. Unverified absence(s) may automatically become permanent on the 5th school day after the student has returned to school and not produced a note.