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    GT Honors English I

          English 8



    Hometown:  Clover, SC  Go Eagles!!
    College:   Brenau Women's College in Gainesville, GA
    Husband:  Bryan (Lead Pastor @ New River Church, smart, thoughtful and fun)!
    Children:  Chad, Dallas, and Sara-Kate
    Loves:  Christmas, spending the day on the lake with my sweet family, and READING when it's raining outside
    Likes:   The fall-- sound and smell of campfires, carving pumpkins, and football weather
    Respects:  New ideas-- I LOVE creativity.
    Music:  I love all music!
    Favorite Foods:  QT Slushies, good sushi, and Lake Wylie Pizza with extra marinera
    Classic Read:  Pride & Prejudice—I read it almost every year
    YA Read:  Books in a Series…Twilight, Throne of Glass, Harry Potter, or The Chronicles of Narnia
    Currently Reading: YOUR WRITING!!
    TV:  Nothing
    Guilty Pleasures:  Eating Golden OREO ice-cream out of the carton and reading Wikipedia
    Fears:  Being alone in the dark and old, beat-up vans with curtains...Yikes!