Welcome to 1st Grade!

  • Welcome to the 1st grade page! Here, you will find interesting items specific to 1st grade.
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  • Reading: First grade is incorporating literacy groups/centers into our curriculum.  The children are receiving small group instruction that best meets their needs.  We also read stories from the Houghton Mifflin series, where students are taught basic skills for the week.

    Writing: We use Writer’s Workshop.  Students are being provided with a modeled writing lesson, and then given the opportunity to write their own sample.  We also use Author’s Chair to help children become more motivated. 

    Spelling: Spelling words are our word wall words for the week.  Students have a set of five words each week.  The second set of five words is cumulative from the previous weeks.

    Math: Our math curriculum is based out of Everyday Mathematics, which is a hands-on curriculum.  We are constantly reviewing skills over and over by using this curriculum.

    Science/Social Studies:  We alternate weeks when teaching science and social studies.  Some units we cover in social studies include:  Family, communities, needs and wants, and land resources and recycling.  In science we cover several Foss kits:  Balance and Motion; Pebbles, sand, and silt; the Moon; and Plants.