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    The goal of the Bethany library media program is to foster the love of reading and to help guide our students to become effective users of information and life-long learners, leading them into a future that will be full of new information and possibilities.  Our media center is a warm and inviting learning environment where students, teachers, and visitors feel welcome and comfortable.  Each class is scheduled to visit the media center once a week.  Students may also come to the media center a few at a time at other times during the day for book exchange, AR tests, research, recreational reading, etc.
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    I graduated from Winthrop College in 1980 with a BS degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master's degree in Library Science.  I have been working at Bethany since that time.  In addition to being the librarian I have taught kindergarten, and reading and math in grades 1-4. I believe that the more a child reads, the better reader he will become; and the better reader he is, the more successful he will be in school and in life!