• Fit News:

    Busy is the word of the month for April in our Physical Education classes! Pre-K and Kindergarten classes are beginning to practice various games and activities in preparation for our annual field day. It will be here before we know it! First graders will be working on cooperative learning skills as well as preparation for field day. Second graders will be going through fitness evaluations as well as field day activities. Third, fourth, and fifth grades will be completing Fitness Gram testing and fitness concepts testing.  Lets all have a great month! Finish Strong!

    Thanks again and have a great month,


    We are busy in the music room preparing for our upcoming performance.  April 30, the Bethany Choir will perform at the Earth Day Birthday Celebration at the Museum of York County.  The focus of the event is taking care of our planet by recycling and managing our natural resources.  There will be many free activities for children and their families and food will be available for purchase. 


    Students have been very busy in art class this past few weeks.  The pre-K and kindergarten students have been creating pictures of the tooth fairy and reading books and listening to stories about the tooth fairy.  First grade students used coffee filters to create flower shaped vases using markers and spray starch.  Second grade students will be taking their post test for their unit on Warm and Cool colors.  Third grade students will be finishing their Dr. Seuss inspired yarn trees.  Fourth and fifth grade students will be working on finishing artwork they have been working on for the past few weeks.  Fifth grade are making 2D- into 3D works of art.




    This year the elementary schools in the Clover School District will be participating in a “Battle of the Books”. We currently have seventeen 4th and 5th grade Bethany students participating. By the time we go to the district competition on May 19 that number will be whittled down to 9-12 of our top readers. We have some super readers signed up. Some have already read 7 of the books and made 100’s on their AR quizzes; and they have only been working on the books for 2 weeks! GO BETHANY!!