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    Brief explanation of "The Year of a Lacrosse Player"
    It's a common knowledge that athletes need to participate in some kind of training outside of the sports' playing season.  But, what may be uncommon knowledge is how that applies to lacrosse.  Hopefully this short trip through a calendar year will help alleviate this.
    Spring (last week in January - end of April): This is when lacrosse is played as a sanctioned sport in SC.  Also, many recreation programs have their seasons during this time as well.  Players work with their teams to accomplish whatever goals are set by their organizations.
    Summer (beginning of June - last week of July): This is where a lacrosse player works on their individual skills.  They are encouraged to try new things, play with different people and attend camps.  Players are also encouraged to get faster and stronger by attending lifting and conditioning sessions.
    Fall (September - October):  In SC, high school lacrosse programs are allowed to have organized practices as a team, so many programs have practices similarly to how they have practices in the spring.  Teams use this time to evaluate what each player has accomplished over the summer and how they can contribute to the program in the upcoming season.  Players are encouraged to show their skills in various ways through drills and incorporation into the team's overall offensive and defensive strategies.
    Winter (November - beginning of season): This is the time that players use to get bigger, faster, stronger and improve their flexibility.  If they are not involved in a winter sport, they need this time to get their bodies in the right condition to endure the rigors of the season.  If they do not put the time in during the winter to prepare themselves, they will not be able to perform adequately enough all season long.  They could also be putting themselves at a higher risk of getting injured.  It's not going to PREVENT an injury, but if injured, it could lead to a quicker recovery and less game time missed.  During the season, lacrosse teams usually play 2 games per week, so if a player is out because they are injured it could be the difference between 2 games missed as opposed to 4 games if they are in better physical condition. 
    Sports Physicals
    All athletes interested in practicing with the team are required to have a current Sports Physical (dated after April 2018) in order to participate.  Players must have the completed Physical Form (Sports Physical Form).  This physical will be good for the entire 2018-2019 school year.

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