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     Amy Gilham

     Reading Recovery Teacher

    Larne Elementary


    Email: amy.gilham@clover.k12.sc.us



                                         Hello Parents and Welcome to the Reading Recovery site!

     My name is Amy Gilham! Your children have been chosen to spend 30 minutes a day with me learningreading and writing strategies and becoming fluent readers.  Your child will bring home one book each night to read to you.  Please do not read it to them for they have read it at least twice already and should be able to read the whole book by themselves.   It takes lots and lots of practice to become a really good reader and writer.  As your children move up in reading levels, their sight words will increase,    their writing will improve and their confidence will soar.  Please take time out each   night to listen to your child read. It will be well worth your time and your child's.  You can never spend enough time or energy with your child and reading. It is an exciting adventure and is an unselfish gift that will become a gift of a lifetime.  Happy Reading! 




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Welcome to Reading Recovery

  • I'm A Reading Detective!

    Learning to read is like solving a case. Your child is the detective and you’re his/her assistant. Young readers can solve their own cases by using some simple strategies/evidence. You can reinforce these strategies at home with your child and make it fun!

    Use your reading strategies!

    When you come to a tricky word:

    smile Look at the picture

    smile Think about the story and give it try:

    smile Does it look right?

    smile Does it sound right?

    smile Does that make sense?


    The best way to become a better reader is by reading. 

    I appreciate your support in making reading important for your child.  Keep up the great work! big grin

    Happy Reading!

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