• 2020-2021 Clubs at Oakridge

    ****Clubs are on hold until further notice****

    Academic Challenge Team-The Academic Challenge team is a competitive team that answers questions on a broad range of academic subjects.  Students learn to work cooperatively in teams and travel to compete with other academic teams in the Olde English Consortium.

    1. Catherine Rodgers
    2. Rebecca Bridges

    Archery-Archery club members are part of the National Archery in The Schools Program.  The team practices their archery skills to participate in the regional virtual tournament.  If individuals score well enough, they can earn the privilege to participate at the state and/or national level.

    1. Teresa England
    2. Magaly Thalacker
    3. Beth Watts

    Art Club-Art club is an extracurricular group that meets once a month after school to do arts and crafts activities.  6th, 7th, and 8th grade students are welcome to participate with parent and (art) teacher permission and transportation home.

    1. Kaitlan Cole

    C3Lead Talks

           1.Rachel Blackledge
           2.Jackie Osterhout

    FCA-FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, but does not just allow students who are athletes.  It is an opportunity for students to fellowship with other Christian students and talk about God's word.  Topics such as temptations, peer pressure, choices, and standing up for what you believe in are covered throughout the year.  This program is completely funded by local churches and individuals and it not affiliated with CMS or OMS or CSD in any way.

    1. Jessica Taylor
    2. Kimberly Cauble

    Foreign Language Club- Students will explore other languages and cultures of the world.

    1. Jennifer Thompson

    Game Club-The Gaming Club meets once a month in the morning and plays board games and Wii games.  Emphasis is placed on strategies and game etiquette.

    1. Don Pitts
    2. Wendy Howell

    Gardening Club-This club will meet periodically before/after school to maintain the instructional garden and outdoor classroom area. Maintenance will consist of light pruning, weed removal, and watering as needed.

    Giving Back-Is a service learning club that participates with various service projects in the community. The club teaches students about the importance of helping those in need and increases awareness of the diversity of needs in our community. Members of Giving Back have opportunities to help coordinate school wide service projects.  During the past three years, Giving Back coordinated Oakridge Middle school-wide projects with Clover Head Start, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Clover Caring Center, Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen, Away Home -Homeless Awareness and the Rock Hill Attention Center.

    1. Pat Reid
    2. Jackie Osterhout
    3. Brooke Nicholson

    History Movie Club-Open to sixth graders only, these movies will correlate to sixth grade social studies standards. Students will meet once a month and watch the movies after school while enjoying snacks. Examples include Prince of Egypt, Hercules, and Aladdin.

    1. Augusta Bennett

    LEGO Robotics-The LEGO Robotics club allows students to experience the challenge of engineering, while working with LEGO that they have always enjoyed.  Lego Robotics is an exciting competition team designed to challenge students. Each year our team will compete in a worldwide copetition through "First" Lego League. Students work in teams to build, program, and control a robot to complete tasks set on the competition table. The program concentrates on team building and presentation skills.

    1. Alison Kingswood

    Math Counts-Math Counts is for students who are looking for a challenge that goes beyond what is covered in the classroom.  Members of the Math Counts Team meet once a week, either before or after school for about 8 weeks.  The Math Counts Club will allow any number of interested students to participate.  However, the top 6 members are selected to participate in a competition one day during school, against other York County Schools.

    Mock Newbery Club-Mock Newbery meets every Thursday during homeroom to read, discuss, and promote this year’s best of the best new books in consideration for the John Newbery Award. The club runs August through January ending with a party following the OMS Mock Newbery Awards voting.

    1. Kathy Corbiere

    Moped To Memphis-Moped To Memphis is a club that will raise money and awareness for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  Students wil also mail cards and items to the hospital to show their support to the patients and staff.  The club will meet at least once a month.  All Students are invited to join the club.

    1. Wendy Howell

    National Junior Honor Society-The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is a service organization consisting of students who display excellent academic achievement, scholarship, worthy character, positive citizenship and leadership qualities.   The purpose of the club is for students to use academic excellence to serve their school and community, as well as themselves. 

    1. Amy Bradshaw
    2. Kristin Hawkins
    3. Audra Robertson

    Oakridge TCG-The Oakridge TCG club is a weekly club for anyone who is interested in various card games such as Pokemon, Magic:  The Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh.  The goal of the club is to provide kids a safe space to enjoy these games while imoroving social skills and sportsmanship.  This year we will host role playing games for anyone that is interested. 

    1. Jared Willams

    OMS Dance Company-The OMS Dance Company is an honors dance group made up of 12 seventh and eighth graders. The Dance Company performs at all OMS Dance Concerts and other various events throughout the school year.

    1. Kristin Weeks

    Pep Band - The Oakridge Middle School Pep Band is a club for 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade band members – first come, first serve! We perform at Oakridge Middle School Pep Rallies to show our support for our athletic teams.

    1. Philip Loftis

    Photography Club-Open to all students who are interested in photography.  The club will meet approximately once a month.

    1. Kimberly Cauble

    Rachel’s Challenge Club-Rachel’s Challenge Club provides students with an opportunity to spread kindness to others at OMS and in the community.  Various activities will be in place throughout the school year.  Club members will have a couple of service learning projects, and some of the RC members will be part of the OMS Welcome Committee for new students.  The main goal of the Rachel’s Challenge Club is to help create a permanent cultural change in our school. Students involved in this club should aim for the following five challenges: 1. Eliminate prejudice 2. Dare to dream 3. Choose positive influences 4. Use kind words, practice simple acts of kindness to get huge results 5. Start a CHAIN REACTION!

    1. Kristen Meek
    2. Bridget Passione
    3. Lee Sykes

    Recycling Club-The Recycling Club is responsible for collecting recyclables throughout the school. Students can come in early or stay after school to ensure the recyclables are picked up and put outside for York County to pick up.  Recycling club students will appear on the morning news program to inform students of our recycling procedures. 

    1. Amy Bradshaw
    2. Kerrie Goforth
    3. Cassie Neelands

    Science Club- The science club explores all aspects of science. Participants enjoy learning about science and the different disciplines of science.

    1. Kerrie Goforth
    2. Robin Deyton

    Student Council-Student Council shares interests, concerns, and student ideas with teachers and administration.  They help raise funds and collect items for school activities and community projects.

    1. Katherine Snyder
    2. Charlene Walker
    3. Kristin Weeks
    4. Rhonda Welborn

    Student Media Advisory Club – 6th-8th grade students help run the media center in the mornings before homeroom as well as develop and participate in reading promotions and collection development. Duties will include working at the circulation desk, shelving books, troubleshooting technology for students and staff, producing promotional displays for books and programs, and assisting with book order.

    1. Kathy Corbiere

    Talon Group-The Talon Group is a group of 7th and 8th grade chorus members. The students have to audition annually.  It is basically an honors chorus. We meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before school. This group will most likely compete in a statewide competition this year.

    1. Cory Dover

    Thread Heads - Thread Heads is a club for lovers of knitting, crochet and other string related crafts like weaving and macrame. We take beginners and veterans!  We meet every Tuesday afternoon from 3:45-4:45pm in the French room. We do various yarn crafts and will work on a group project at various meetings.

    1. Jennifer Thompson

    Yearbook-The yearbook staff creates the entire yearbook online.  They will work together and independently to come up with an overall theme for the yearbook, design a cover, choose color schemes and fonts, scan photos, take digital photographs, create page layouts, and edit pages.

    1. Katlin Cole