• Hello and Welcome Back to a New School Year!

    You may be wondering, with good reason, what a school counselor does.  I am happy to share that a school counselor is there to help students to be successful in school.  We teach students about being respectful, responsible, how to synergize with others and other character traits.  In addition, a school counselor helps students with difficult thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  At Kinard, I will help students in three different ways: 

    ·      Classroom Guidance,

    ·      Individual Counseling, and

    ·      Small Group Counseling.

    Students will have classroom guidance once a month where we will explore topics involving social development, character education, citizenship, and teambuilding.  Individual counseling will involve me working with a student one on one regarding unique topics that are not well suited for group discussions, and where confidentiality can be better maintained.  Small group counseling will consist of me listening and talking to a group of students who share a common issue that has recently occurred in their lives, such as divorce or the death of a loved one.  For small group and individual counseling, students may be referred by their parents, teachers, or themselves.  Please note that both small group counseling and individual counseling is considered brief counseling, which will be approximately thirty (30) minutes each session.  In addition, school counseling is not designed to be long-term; therefore, eight weeks is roughly the maximum amount of sessions a student will be seen for a concern.  When more intensive services are needed, a referral to an outside agency, like Catawba Mental Health Center, will be completed.

    As with counseling outside of the school environment, confidentiality is important and maintained in school-based counseling.  In essence, what the student says in the counselor’s office stays in the office, with the exception of the student being hurt by someone, the student wants to hurt himself or herself, or the student wants to hurt someone else.

     I am excited about the start of this school year.  I wholeheartedly believe that it’s going to be an amazing year for me and the students alike.  I have an open door policy, so please feel free to contact me anytime you have a concern regarding your child(ren).  You can reach me at 803.810.8700.  Together, we can achieve the greatest outcome for your child!

     Kind regards,

     Ykwanda Coakley 











    Ms. Y. Coakley   

    Guidance Counselor

    Pre-K -5th Grade

    Email Ms. Coakley

    Room 158

    Phone Number:  803.810.8700




    Greetings and Welcome Back to the 2016-2017 School Year!!!   My name is Ykwanda Coakley and I work with all students at Kinard Elementary School.  I am your child’s school counselor.  I am the proud mother of three children: Christian, Isaiah, and Judaea.  Truly, they are the loves of my life and they add vibrant color to my world.  In addition, I have a cute dog named Winston who is really a human wrapped in dog hair.