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  • Holiday Assistance Sign ups are right around the corner!  Click Holiday Assistance Sign Ups!  for a printable flyer with all the info you need to get assistance for your family for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas assistance.


    What To Bring:

    Photo ID or Green Card

    Birth Certificates for all non-school age children

    Proof of Income- This includes:  current pay stubs, DSS family print out, current government benefit statements, child support, alimony etc.   Current CAAC clients can be verified on-site.  If you are not current with CAAC, you will need to provide documentation of income. 

    Gift Ideas for all children

    Clothing Sizes- be specific! (Long, Husky, Toddler, Slim, etc.)

    TIP:  Take your children to Walmart, Target, or Kmart and have them try on clothes.  This way you are sure of the size they need.  Write down sizes and styles and items they like.  Then, walk down the toy aisles and get ideas about what they really wish for.  The more info the better!  Bring the list with you to sign ups.  It will be much easier to complete the application!

    NOTE:  You MUST be the parent or legal guardian AND a Clover School District resident to apply.  Every attempt is made to help everyone that applies, but it is not a guarantee.  Each eligible child will receive at least ONE wish and ONE outfit.  However, they may or not receive the items listed on your application.


    Questions?  Contact your school social worker:

    Brooke Barr- CCE, Kinard & Bethel 810-8749

    Courtney Jones- CMS, CHS & BEA 810-8370

    Sarah Love- Bethany & Larne 810-8810

    Natalie Rimmer- OES, NGC & CHS 631-8505

    Brantlee Spurrier- CHS, OMS & GRE 631-8033

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