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    Alive at 25 is Required for CHS Parking Permit

    Beginning with the 2021-22 school year, any student who wants the privilege of driving and parking on campus must first complete Alive at 25, an innovative, young driver intervention program that bridges the gap between what teens learn in driver’s education and what behaviors and skills are needed to become responsible, crash-free drivers. Developed by the National Safety Council for young drivers between the ages of 15-24, the program also aims to help young drivers choose safe driving practices, to take responsibility for their behavior, and to be aware of the typical driving hazards.

    Taught by certified law enforcement officers, the 4.5 hour course is delivered through interactive media segments, workbook exercises, class discussions, and role playing. Young drivers learn how to take control of situations by understanding the consequences of their actions. It offers a balanced approach to help teens not only regulate their driving behavior, but also help them deal with the actual issues that can influence their driving behavior.

    Statistics from the National Safety Council reinforce the reasons for requiring this program for student drivers in Clover. The council says the number one killer for teens is car crashes and that 30 individuals, age 15-24, die every day in motor vehicle collisions. Drivers aged 15-24 make up 14 percent of all drivers, but they make up 27 percent of all collisions. In South Carolina, 164 young adults between the ages of 15-24 died last year due to vehicle collisions.

    With the addition of Clover, all high schools in York County now require completion of Alive at 25 to be eligible for a parking pass. More than 100 high schools across the state participate in the program.

    The course is offered by the National Safety Council, not Clover High School.  The course costs $40 per student, and students must sign up for courses through the Alive at 25 website.  CHS will host courses, but do not administer or teach courses.  Students will be given a certificate of completion which should be presented when purchasing a parking pass during registration each year.  The course need only be taken once by each driver during their high school career, it does not need to be taken annually.

    Students needing the course need to register directly with Alive at 25.  Please visit their website at http://www.SCNSC.org for full information about the course and specific course offerings.  We encourage you to read the FAQ’s listed below for more information.

    Alive at 25 Frequently Asked Questions:

    1)    Why do I have to take this course to park at CHS?  Clover schools have lost three students to car accidents in the last five years.  We are committed to doing all we can to keep our students safe behind the wheel and to save lives.  The Clover School Board approved this initiative in 2012, and CHS joins over 100 SC high schools in requiring Alive at 25 for parking on campus.  York County is the first county with full participation from all high schools in all county districts.
    2)    Are exceptions allowed or are other driving courses accepted?  No.  In order to park on campus, Alive at 25 must be taken.  This course is specifically designed for high school age drivers and addresses the most at-risk driving behaviors of this age group.  Clover School District provides bus transportation to any student not wishing to participate in our campus parking program.
    3)    Is there a cost for Alive at 25?  Yes.  The National Safety Council charges $40.00 for the 4.5 hour course.  Payments must be made on line when registering.  Hardships must be applied for directly with Alive at 25. CHS does not take or forward payments for Alive at 25.
    4)    Do I have to pay for a parking pass even if I take Alive at 25?  Yes.  CHS parking passes cost $40.00 per year, and are pro-rated as the year progresses.  The money generated helps to fund parking lot safety patrol and school safety initiatives such as RAID.
    5)    Do I have to take Alive at 25 each year?  No.  Each student driver must take the course only once during their high school careers.
    6)    Do I have to take Alive at 25 at Clover High School?  No.  This course is taught statewide and nationwide and once certified, the student is covered for life.
    7)    Does Alive at 25 qualify me for an insurance discount?  You must contact your automobile insurance provider for this information.

    8)    How do I register for Alive at 25 courses?  Students must register directly with Alive at 25.  CHS will host some courses, but does not administer them in any way.  To enroll for all Alive at 25 courses, go to http://www.SCNSC.org.  You must pre-register for all Alive at 25 courses.



    In addition to courses offered at Clover High, the York County Sheriff’s Office conducts the course – look for “York County Law Enforcement Training Center” on the Alive at 25 website — the third Saturday of every month.  

    Visit the Alive at 25 website for complete information at http://www.SCNSC.org