• Fam

    Name: Wayne Williams


    Classroom: ATC 615

                       NGC 121 & 123


    Subject(s): Mechatronics, IED


    Grade(s): 9-12


    Phone Number: 803-810-8962

    Welcome to Mechatronics & Engineering at Clover High School
    My name is Wayne Williams.  I am a fifth year teacher and also an assistant coach for the Varsity & Sub-Varsity football teams.  This will be my first year as an FCA advisor as well.  I graduated from YCHS but am thankful and proud to now be a Blue Eagle.
    Mechatronics is an introduction to "Advanced Manufacturing".  We cover hand/power tools, workplace safety, electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanisms, and robotics to name a few.  IED is the introductory course to all of our engineering clusters.  This class covers the design process, blue print reading, and modeling skills using Inventor.  Inventor is a 3D modeling software.  I look forward to having you in my classes this year.
    Contact me with any questions or concerns by e-mail or phone.  Click below to go to canvas.
    Semester 1 Schedule
    1st Block - Mechatronics 1        
    2nd Block - Planning
    3rd Block - IED
    4th Block - IED
    Semester 2 Schedule
    1st Block - IED
    2nd Block - Mechatronics 2
    3rd Block - IED
    4th Block - Planning
    I am available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from  7:45 to 8:15 by appointment only if any student needs extra assistance.