Each student is responsible for his or her own actions and all violations of school or district policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion. It is the responsibility of the student to act in a manner that supports a positive learning environment.

    -          Major infractions may result in the following consequences; removal from class, suspension, referral to the school board for expulsion, or a combination of these options.

    -          Minor infractions will be handled with warnings, assignment of physical training, conference sessions, detention and/or a combination of these options. 

    The director reserves the right to adopt, adjust or create consequences, within the guidelines of school board policy, as necessary to handle discipline issues.

    A. Major Infractions possibly could result in loss of Vote-Back for upcoming semester. Below is a list of some possible major infractions:

    ·         Drugs

    ·         Alcohol

    ·         Weapons

    ·         Violence

    ·         Bullying

    ·         Disrespect of staff

    ·         Fighting

    ·         Refusal to participate

    ·         Repetitive Minor infractions 

    B. Minor infractions may include but are not limited to the following:

    ·         Not following all directions the first time they are given

    ·         Classroom, hallway, or bus disruptions (see transportation)

    ·         Violations of dress code

    ·         Falsifying information

    ·         Tardy Violations 

    C  Discipline is a "non-negotiable" for the successful BEA student. Our efforts will create an atmosphere in which learning is the priority for all. We will help each student feel that she/he is accepted and is an important member of the group. A referral/discipline/incident form will be completed for any student sent to the office relating to discipline actions and a parent/guardian will be notified.