2014 Bond Information

    On Saturday, March 22, the Clover School District will be asking taxpayers to approve a $67 million bond package that will provide for present and future needs of our students that will ensure CSD remains one of the best school systems in South Carolina. Since 2007, the Board of Trustees and district administrators have monitored the growth of our community and planned for the future. The quality of the educational system directly impacts the viability of any community.  We are fortunate to have a high quality school system, good facilities, and excellent teachers. The quality of the school system is an economic development factor for the region and families are inclined to move to a community where the schools have a reputation of being safe, high quality, and have state-of-the-art facilities. Many of our facilities are available for community use such as athletic fields that support youth athletics and the Clover School District auditorium where community theater performances and concerts are held.
    The bond package includes five projects:
    • New Elementary School
    • New/Replacement Middle School
    • Renovation of Clover Middle School into a Ninth Grade Academy
    • Athletic Facility Upgrades
    • Aquatics & Fitness Center

    To learn more about each project, please click "Projects" at left.