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    Middle School
    Middle School students, grades 6-8, participate in the same core classes they did in their home schools.
    The students use the same materials from their home schools so that they do not fall behind.  In some cases, if they work hard, they are able to get ahead.  Students are taught according to Common Core standards using all South Carolina and Clover School District materials. 
    Students take:
    • Math
    • Language Arts
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • PE
    • Academy
    Mr. Rodney Tatum 6-8 Social Studies
    Mrs. Kelly Davis 6-8 Science
    Ms. Tisha Wilson 6-8 Math
    Ms. Krista Blazek 6-8 English Language Arts
    Mrs. Allison Gainey 3-12 Computers
    Mr. Paul Daigle 3-12 PE