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    Welcome to Coach Stadler's Physical Education and Health class, where we put learning into motion!  Our goal at Oakridge Elementary is to instill in students a passion for physical activity and an understanding of it's benefits that will last, with each student, long after his/her days at Oakridge are finished. 
       To obtain our goal, we will cover units of sports' skills, fitness, cooperative games/teambuilding activities, educational gymnastics, and dance.  Through these units, each student will receive ample instruction and practice time to reach a proficient skill level, in hopes that a proficient learner will more likely choose a life-long physically active lifestyle!!
    Please come to class prepared to stay active by:
    • wearing some sort of athletic shoes (sandal, heels, & crocs can lead to injuries)
    • wearing athletic clothing
    • water bottles WILL NOT be allowed in the gym this year, so make sure to stop by the water fountain on the way to class 
    Zack Stadler  
    Coach Stadler
    Oakridge Elementary PE
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