• Students may participate in a Work Based Learning (WBL) experience in one of two ways. 

    • Per the SC Department of Education WBL guidelines, a student may be deemed Career Ready if they successfully complete a 40-hour WBL experience such as an internship, apprenticeship, etc. Successful achievement includes completion of all required documentation and scoring a 3 or higher on an industry evaluation. To participate in a 40-hour internship, a student must first successfully complete a minimum of one unit in the pathway related to the Work-Based Placement or complete a personal pathway of study. The WBL placement must also be aligned with the student’s Individual Graduation Plan Career Program Pathway. A student who participates in a 40-hour WBL experience does not earn a unit of credit for participation but does meet the Career Ready requirement.

    • Students may also participate in a 120-hour WBL internship in which they will earn a Carnegie unit of credit. To qualify for this type of WBL experience, a student must have successfully completed or be enrolled in the third unit of a federal Career and Technical Education completer program, work a minimum of 120 hours, complete all required documentation and score a 3 or higher on an industry evaluation. In addition, the WBL placement must be aligned to the student’s Individual Graduation Plan.

    If you are interested in a Work Based Learning opportunity, please contact the Work Based Learning Coordinator, Martha Jean Starnes.