Test Data Center

  • This page provides school and district academic achievement data including scores on the Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (PASS), South Carolina Ready Assessments (SC READY), End of Course Examination Programs (EOCEP), graduation rate, college entrance exams, AP test scores, and State Report ratings.

District SCPASS % Met/Exemplary

Year Science Social Studies
2015-16 83.0 86.4
2016-17 68.6 85.5
2017-18 71.4 80.8

District SC READY % Meets/Exceeds

Year ELA Math
2015-16 59.9 64.5
2016-17 55.3 65.6
2017-18 58.8 66.3
  • Notes
    • In 2017, the SC PASS Science test was rescaled to match the SC READY readiness scale. As such, readiness benchmarks were set at a higher level which resulted in a state-wide dip in readiness percentages.

District End of Course Test (EOCEP) - % Passing

Year Algebra 1 Biology 1 English 1 US History All Tests
2015-16 95.1 88.5 87.4 80.5 88.3
2016-17 91.0 83.0 83.6 80.2 84.7
2017-18 80.1 79.9 87.2 84.0 82.8
  • Bragging Rights

    • The district has a higher pass rate than the state average on all EOC tests.
    • In Algebra, the district ranked 9th in the state in percent passing.
    • In English, the district ranked 8th in the state in percent passing.
    • In Biology, the district ranked 6th in the state in percent passing.
    • In US History, the district ranked 6th in the state in percent passing.

Graduation Rate

Year 4-Year Graduation Rate
2015-16 90.1%
2016-17 90.7%
2017-18 91.1%


Year SAT Composite Score ACT Composite Score AP (% of students scoring 3, 4, or 5)
2015-16 1479 19.9 58.4%
2016-17 1084 (New 1600pt Scale) 19.5 61.6%
2017-18 TBD TBD 71.4%

College Readiness Tests

Year Test % Earning Certificates Applied Mathematics Reading for Information Locating Information Soft Skills
2015-16 WorkKeys 92.3% 95.0% 93.8% 97.9% N/A
2016-17 WorkKeys 94.7% 96.9% 98.2% 97.1% N/A
2017-18 Ready To Work 88.1% 96.1% 90.2% 94.8% 80.7%
  • Notes

    • Clover High School tested the following Advanced Placement courses in 2017: Biology, Calculus, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Environmental Science, European History, French, Human Geography, Music Theory, Physics, Spanish, Statistics, US History
    • SAT scores reflect Critical Reading, Math, and Writing.
    • ACT scores reflect English, Math, Reading, and Science.
    • The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), is based on an individual’s performance on three WorkKeys skills assessments: Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information. To earn a NCRC certificate, students must score a 3 or better on each of the three tests. Certificate levels are determined by the lowest score received on any one test. The NCRC certificate gives individuals proof that they possess the skills employers deem essential to workplace success.

State Report Card Ratings

School 2017-18
Bethany Elementary Below Average
Bethel Elementary Average
Crowders Creek Elementary Good
Griggs Road Elementary Good
Kinard Elementary Average
Larne Elementary Average
Oakridge Elementary Good
Clover Middle Average
Oakridge Middle Good
Clover High Excellent
  • The new accountability system is comprised of several facets:

    • Academic Achievement (ELA & Math Achievement)
    • Preparing for Success (Science & Social Studies Achievement)
    • English Learner's Progress
    • Student Progress/Growth (SAS EVAAS) or Graduation Rate
    • School Quality (AdvancED Student Engagement Survey Results)
    • College/Career Readiness (SAT scores, ACT scores, AP scores, Dual Enrollment, CATE Completer status, WIN/WorkKeys Certificates, ASVAB scores, Work-Based Learning)

    We are blessed in Clover because all of our schools perform well above the State in the Achievement metric as measured by the SC READY ELA and mathematics assessments and on SCPASS as measured by the science and social studies assessments.  We are very proud of the fact that the elementary schools score between the 75th - 96th percentile of all elementary schools in South Carolina.  Similarly, our middle schools score between the 80th - 95th percentile in overall ELA and Math achievement.  While the benefit of having outstanding high-achieving students is evident, it also presents us with challenges in the Student Progress (Growth) metric.  Many of our students start very high in 3rd grade; therefore, maintaining growth (upward movement in test scores) becomes more challenging in subsequent grades. As always, every school has room to improve.  Our teachers will continue to focus on providing the highest quality instruction every day in the classroom.  We will also renew our efforts to ensure that each child reaches his or her highest potential by maintaining or improving performance each year on grade level assessments.