• Kinard STEAM

    Kinard's Integrated STEAM Curriculum

    STEAM (Science, Technlogy, Engineering, Arts, Math) at Kinard Elementary School is built on a full immersion model that creates a whole-school experience through a STEAM focused, cross disciplinary, project based curriculum.

    Featured Student Projects

    ​Car Design Challenge

    PictureThe winning design team sitting in a Ferrari!


    Grade: 5

    With gas prices a concern and the trouble in the Middle East, the Ferrari company has contacted you and asked for your help. They are requesting that you form a team of your choice of no more than 4 people. What do they want from you? You must build a car that doesn’t run on fuel.


    ​Clover Zoo Design Project

    PictureSkype session with a zoologist from the Lisbon Zoo, Portugal.


    Grade: 4​

    Dr. Doolittle of Clover left Kinard’s 4th grade students a substantial amount of money to design and build a zoo.  He would like for the zoo to include animals from all groups and for those animals to have exactly what they need to live happily.


    ​Animal Habitats and Survival

    PictureStudents kick-off their animal unit by exploring a 60-foot long model of a whale.


    Grade 3

    ​Students will choose an animal to research and create a portfolio including written lapbook, Chatterpix fun facts, math fact mini-poster, and art project.  


    Weather Wizard Breakout

    Will they crack the code?


    Grade 2

    The Weather Wizard wants to control the weather and not in a good way! He wants to make it rain, snow, cause tornadoes and hurricanes and make our lives miserable. He is almost finished with his Way­-Out Wacky Weather Machine, it just needs a few more adjustments, and of course the final activation code. He just left the lab with his assistant Wanda to get some paint for the weather machine. Wanda has been trying to stop the Weather Wizard and she figured out a code that will turn the weather machine into a bubble machine. She cannot put the code in herself, because the Weather Wizard is always around her. She left clues to the code in the lab. The clues are all weather related, so the Weather Wizard won’t be suspicious. Wanda is depending on us to figure out the clues, put in the code and turn the weather machine into a bubble machine. Wanda and the Wizard will be gone for 45 minutes, so you need to work fast. The world is depending on you!


    Building a Greenhouse with Recycled Water Bottles

    Partnership with York County Recycling - Planned for Spring 2018


    Grade 1

    Students will build a walk-in greenhouse with recycled water bottles. The greenhouse will then be used to investigate various ways that plants grow in changing environments.


    All About Weather

    Cooking s'mores in a solar oven.



    This unit will be investigated throughout the year as weather is ever changing and students need to experience over a long period of time. Students will observe the weather patterns over an extended period of time so that they may be able to observe then predict future weather patterns. Based on these weather pattern predictions the students will be able to engineer devices to respond to individual weather scenarios. Example of this would be a device to create shelter from extreme heat and sunlight. Click here to view a video.


    Additional Student Projects

    Life Cycles

    Grade: Kindergarten
    Students will explore the life cycle of a frog and a butterfly in a variety of contexts. Click here for a video.


    Properties of Matter

    Grade: Kindergarten
    Children will explore and test the properties of matter, choose a stuffed animal, and use types of matter to build a structure in which their stuffed animal can sleep. The structure should be able to withstand exposure to rain and wind.


    We're So Bright, We Need Shade!

    Grade: 1​
    ​Students will design and build a model for a structure to provide shade on the playground.
    Update: The materials to build the actual shade structure have been funded through Donors Choose!


    How Does Gardening Change the Way People Shop for Food?

    Grade: 1
    Students will use social standards to investigate how choices are made with everyday eating habits. After this brainstorming session, the students will research and explore various types of text to learn about different foods they can plant and grow to eat. They will plant seeds in their own class garden beds and learn how to nurture the plants until ready for harvest. They will then harvest their gardens to create a salad and discuss healthy eating habits and the effects of healthy food on our bodies


    Roller Coaster Escape

    Grade: 2
    Passengers aboard the Fury 325 at Carowinds are stuck at the top of the roller coaster, and they need help getting down from the ride. Your safety team has decided that the best and safest option is to evacuate  the passengers using cables already in place. Your safety team’s challenge is to design and build a carrier that will safely transport one person at a time to the ground.


    South Carolina Native Americans

    Grade: 3
    Students will research South Carolina Native American tribes.  They will construct homes, weave baskets, create pottery, and design necklaces related to various tribes.  Students will participate in The Native novel study.  Students will complete a narrative from the point of view from a South Carolina Native American tribe.


    Design & Build an Electronic Music Launchpad

    Grade: 3
    Students will create an electric launchpad producing sound.


    Exploring the Solar System

    Grade: 4
    Students will research the 8 planets and the sun and create a web page using Adobe Spark Page.  Students will learn about the planets in Science and in Art they will make 3D planets.


    Can Separate Be Equal?

    Grade: 5
    ​Students will discuss, and analyze literature, photographs, timelines, political cartoons, speeches, etc. about civil rights.